Important notes for the festival

We are happy to welcome you at Let Me Bloom Festival 2022!

Camino Art House is a small, and special place to welcome many people at once, so we are kindly asking you to follow our special rules. Please read about our venues and learn about the rules:

Stages and Program

We will have more than ten mini stages. Caves, meadows and little hide away places that we use for concerts, jamming, meditation, or other activities. The timing of each stages won’t overlap significantly, so participants can visit more activities/shows. We are located in a valley, but we have to be very careful with sound limitations. Our good relationship with our neighbours is very important for us. We will have on-site supervisors, who will be responsible for safety and acceptable sound levels.
Please walk around carefully on the land while walking between the venues. After sunset be very attentive, and always use a torch.

Challenges and special house rules

We are challenging you to keep the following rules:
1.Avoid drug consumption
2.Avoid excessive alcohol consumption
3.Avoid loud, aggressive behaviour
4.Avoid creating dangerous, reckless situations in nature
5.Not build fires or use open flames
6.Avoid littering
7.Avoid abusing nature
8.Be patient and understanding
9.Be careful when walking around in the valley or in the house (including the patio and the terrace)
10.Be helpful and courteous
11.Be quiet and caring
12.Be a considerate smoker. Please be polite and caring when you choose to smoke cigarettes, and always collect your cigarette butts in your personal ashtrays.

We are sharing a small space in these three days, and the space will be filled with a wide variety of activities, so we all need to be attentive and patient. When entering the site you will need to sign an individual disclaimer.
If your alcohol/drug consumption level reaches a critical point we will kindly ask you to stay in the common room where you can have water and food and enough rest until you may join to the activities again or go to sleep.


The toilet facilities are limited in the main house. Please use the dry toilets and pop up showers (they have only cold water, that might be warmer during the day). Please leave the places clean after yourself.

Quiet hours

From early morning until the end of breakfast we will follow the rule of quiet hours, which means that talking, using the phones or other devices are not allowed, so we can enjoy the sounds of nature and our inner silence. We can take a moment to look back to our last day and take in all the benefits of our participation in the festival.
In the night we need to finish all loud activity before 10pm.

Photos and videos

By entering the festival you automatically allow as to take photos and videos of you that might be published on our social media. These documentation will be never sold, and the main purpose of them is documentation.

We hope to see you soon at Camino Art House!