Let Me Bloom ’23 – art and self-development festival

let me bloom 23We are happy to announce that the second edition of our art and self-development spring festival is taking place on
10-11-12 March, 2023 at Camino Art House.


Let Me Bloom is a mini art and self-improvement festival in the wild valley of Los Mireles, in Vega de San Mateo. Spring is the time when nature blooms and a new era of growing and maturing starts. We, as humans, need this growth more than ever. We need to unlearn our toxic habits and make space for real, original values, like empathy, care, creativity, synchronicity and learning to live in harmony with nature and other beings around us.

Two essential tools on this journey are art and education. You can be creative or just let yourself take it all in; everyone will be part of the whole. We are inviting you to participate in this mini festival, where many artists, performers and different teachers will share their knowledge and spread their passion to art so we can enjoy and grow in different skills, like communication, creativity or empathy.

The festival is a small, but inspiring three-day event in our magical valley. The venues of the different events, performances and workshops will be hidden in the land, in the caves, and under the trees. We imagine beautiful, inspiring and meaningful moments that we share while taking in, practicing, or performing art in nature. The mini stages will host all kinds of activities, they might be performances, where the audience is observing, interactive shows where the audience is involved, or workshops where the participants learn something new, or practice a special skill. The artists, performers, and teachers might perform their own show at one time and teach a connecting (or totally different) skill at another time in a different venue. We are all artists, and we are all students. Teaching and learning, performing and in-taking art are almost the same, we all meet in the beautiful line in the middle.

Camino Art House

Camino Art House opened its doors in 2015. Since than we have offered accommodation and have run different projects with artists. This includes exhibitions, workshops in art, health and lifestyle topics, and many more events. We welcome travellers who are always happy to be involved in our daily life and share their own experiences with us.
We have an old building, which is the central house, and a large land, where the festival will take place. We have caves, meadows, and terraces to use. The house itself will not accommodate all of us, so we will open a special camp site for visitors.


Here you can follow the up to date programs: Let Me Bloom ’23 Programs (coming soon)

We will have a welcoming camp fire on Thursday evening before the festival starting day so feel free to arrive on this evening. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday we start the day at 8am with yoga and meditation. Activities starts at 10 am. Until 10 am, we keep silence hours. From about sunset we will have only one venue and silence hours starts at 11pm in the night. About the detailed program please read above.

Accommodation and food

We still have a few beds available in the dorm room, or in our tents (equipped with mattress, blankets and pillow). If these places are not available any more, you will need to bring your own tent and sleeping bag. During the festival, our kitchen will turn into a mini restaurant. There will be choices for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack meals and drinks. Drinking water will be all the time available for everyone for free. You are welcome to visit the Tea House as well, where you can try tea specialities and learn about tea making and consuming.

Entrance fees and other costs

The entrance fee for the festival will be separated from the accommodation and restaurant fees. We share all the income from entrance fees between the artists/teachers. So the more of you come the festival, the more we can give to these fantastic people, and the more program/activities you can enjoy during these days.

Entrance fee: 20€/friday, 20€/saturday, 20€/sunday, 50€/full festival

Accommodation: private room/cave: 45€/room/night, dorm: 20€/person/night, tent: 18€/person/night (we provide the tent and equipment), 15€/own tent/person/night (you bring your own tent and equipment)


The facilities of the old house are limited, so we have built extra showers and dry toilets in the land. The kitchen will be closed for public use in these days, food, coffee, drinks will be available for extra cost.
Parking is NOT available on site. If you arrive by car, you will need to park you vehicle in Madronal, or in San Mateo and walk to Camino Art House. This distance is about 800-1200 meter. Be aware that there is NO pathway by the road.
Our land is located in a valley, moving around in the area can be challenging, and sometimes needs special attention. For this reason – although we did our best to secure the area -, we are asking you to be responsible for yourself and you will need to sign an individual disclaimer when entering the site.

We are happy to see you soon at Camino Art House!
For more details about the venues, programs and special house rules please read here (coming soon).

How to contact us?

E-mail: bea@caminoart.org
Whatsapp: +34633339903
Web: https://caminoart.org
How to arrive: https://caminoart.org/camino-art-house/how-to-find