We are happy you are here!
Please have a look at our planned events for summer/winter 24/25. We hope you will find one or more meaningful programs for yourself, so you can return.

april – nov ’24

9-14 november – THEATRE IMPROV CAMP with Vaclav, Simon, Andrej and Lukas (My kluci, co spolu chodíme / Us boys who go out together)

14-17 november – LET ME FALL art and self-development festival (full Moon is on 15th November)

dec ’24 – March ’25

25 Dec – Camino Xmas dinner

31 Dec – New Years Eve party

25 Jan – 5 Febr – Thai Yoga Massage Beginners Course with Bali – 12 days intensive course with certificate
5 Febr – 9 Febr – Silent Retreat with Bali

13-16 March – LET ME BLOOM art and self-development festival (full moon is on 15th March)

Other events that might be happening:

Introducing Chickens to Camino
More story telling events
Organized daytrips with Bea
Volunteers’ picnic – only for volunteers from all the hostels of the island
Hiking trips
Vegan cooking – vegan raw cooking days
Art market – one day event with selling things and picnic/music/small performances
Create creativity – long weekend – project boosting retreat (bea)
Conference – blan b – what, why, how and when to do?
March end/april – out of comfort zone teambuilding camp