Program – Let me Bloom 24

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We might do small changes so its good to follow up here time to time, and check the daily program that we will hang on the wall in Camino Art House during the festival.

We created a whatsapp chat to follow up on the program and get informed about starting times and food time 🙂 or any other info that can come up during the festival, if you want to join to this group please send a request whatsapp text message to Zoli: +36 308382221, or follow the invitation link:

About the workshops

Miisa offers an authentic flow which is a somatic movement practice that guides people towards embodiment and authentic expression of self.
“ESSENCE OF YOU” workshop is guiding towards self and expression of self
“CONNECTION AND CO-CREATION” is about connection and interaction.

The objectives of this workshops: Initiate and support psychological ‘movement’, moving from the mental state of ‘being inside’ to the state of being open, start to manifest thoughts and ideas, increase authentic connections with other people The workshop can help to beat fatigue, mobilize participants, increase openness and shed light on the importance of interpersonal connections.

Dóri offers:
FOREST BATHING: During the forest bath, we use different techniques to help draw attention to the Spirit of Plants and Mother Earth. If we create a quality relationship with nature, it immediately affects us: we begin to hear the voice of our own true nature.
SHADOW WORK: Shadow work is a caring gesture towards the self, it’s purpose is to reunite ourselves. We meet our own separate parts that are in the shadow of the subconscious. Our goal is to bring them to the light of consciousness. The way of enlightment is to bring light to the parts of us that are in the dark. With these steps we become more and more whole, healthy and shiny.
ABOUT DORI: Dori Pinviczky Holistic Dietician, Ayurvedic therapist, writer, for 20 years -as she says- „student of the Nature”. She has been writing a physical – psychical – mental diet for 8 years. Her main method is healing with thoughts as spiritual foods. She has been holding healing forest baths in Hungary for 5 years.

Flavia offers: SHAMANIC JOURNEY AND INTUITIVE PAINTING WITH JOYFUL CACAO CEREMONY. A journey of magical exploration of Inner Places looking for a free and authentic Self That waits only to be listened that waits only to be expressed An In-side journey to an Out-side expression of your creative and authentic Soul. Enjoy the beauty of this meeting.
Flavia is an artist, holistic therapist and traveler. She graduated in Clinical psychology in Padua, she had a strong interest in creative therapies and she took a second masters in Drama Therapy near Milan. She didn’t follow the traditional path of psychologist and she started to travel around Europe. She lived in Madrid and then in Edinburgh where she deepened new techniques and practices such as Intuitive painting, Mindfulness, Zen writing, Expressive movement. She promote self-development and healing workshops and individual consulting through expressive arts. Recently she is deepening her interest in Energy therapies specially healing chakras practices, shamanic healing and feather stone energy healing.

Monika offers:
CONNECTION GAMES:Let go of stress or fears and step into connecting with other earthlings through nonverbal games, embodiment, intuitive movement and playfulness. If you don’t go within you may go without…
EMPOWERING THE FEMININE: The unspoken truth is that happy woman means relaxed woman and through healing the feminine we can heal the world. Come to join special women circle where you can step into your natural energy and leave empowered.
Monika is a Writer, traveller, harmony seeker, balance keeper and emotional depths rider in service to bring calmness to every soul and heal the world through subtle art of embodiment. Soulful yin yoga teacher, meditation practitioner, subtle tantrica, student of naturopathy and experimental herbalist.

Tati offers: PRANAYAMA
Pranayama is a central yoga practice that emphasizes controlling and regulating our breath to boost our vital energy, bringing harmony to our mind, body, and emotions. During these sessions, we’ll cover the essentials and practice a variety of breathing techniques. We’ll explore the benefits and necessary precautions, grounding our learning in the Himalayan tradition while connecting its importance to our modern lives.
EFT Tapping stands for “Emotional Freedom Technique”. It is an alternative therapy that uses gentle tapping on acupressure points to address physical and emotional issues by aiming to restore balance to the body’s energy system. It incorporates elements from acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming, energy medicine, and Thought Field Therapy, alongside exposure and cognitive behavioral therapies.
In our session, we’ll explore the technique together and you’ll also get hands-on practice with some exercises in a supportive group environment, guided every step of the way.
Tati officially, Tati wears a few hats: Holistic Health Coach, Pranayama Teacher, and EFT Practitioner. But, her real education has come from living in various places around the world over the last ten years. These experiences have guided her back to her true self and helped her found her soul mission: to lead and empower others to connect deeply with their inner wisdom. Through safe, supportive mind-body tools and techniques, she aims to help others find more joy, peace, clarity and authenticity in their lives. She’s also a big foodie and an experimental cook at heart -she loves bringing together ayurvedic principles, plant-based ingredients, and international flavors to create something truly special.

Important info:

Almost the half of the valley belongs to the property. There are 8 caves, many terraces and a few meadows on the land. We kindly ask you to walk around and visit the sights carefully, strictly for your own risk. We don’t take any responsibilities for accidents that happen because of your lack of attention or abilities. The paths are steep and slippery, and climbing up on the trees, even though we prepared support by clearing ways, fixing ropes, or laying down wooden boards, is dangerous and need special attention.