Conscious travelling

Tourism is one of the leading industry in polluting the Earth. This is a trap: how can we see and appreciate our planet if we don’t travel? So please be aware of the power of your decisions while travelling (and in your normal days at home too). Here are some tips that is very easy to follow and doing so you will do a lot for Earth and all living creatures.

  • use your own flask to carry your drinking water, or reuse the plastic bottle you already have. Drink the tap water, it is nice and clean all around in Europe, and you will buy less plastic
  • if it is possible, travel by train, or bus or boat instead of flying
  • hitchhiking is still a very good option in many countries (in Spain, and Gran Canaria too)
  • use only one towel during your stay at your accommodation
  • don’t use the AC/heating if it is not necessary
  • be very careful with campfires, light fire only where it is allowed, and be very attentive especially in dry places in the dry season
  • take a quick shower and use natural products
  • don’t buy unnecessary things, share your leftover food instead of throwing it out (give it to someone or just leave in the fridge with a sign “eat me” or leave it in the free food shelf)
  • look around in the lost and found section (in hostels), maybe you find something that you can swap or reuse
  • don’t be laud in nature, it might disturb the animals around you, they might have hidden nest close to you
  • don’t leave garbage behind
  • if you are a smoker, always carry a mini ashtray with you and collect your cigarette butts (for example in a jar with a lid)
  • eat/buy local food, try to avoid those which are wrapped in plastic or/and were transported from far far away
  • look but do not touch: when visiting locations where you encounter wildlife, it is not advisable to feed, taunt or play with the wild animals you come across. It is enough to just see it and not to touch it
  • support locals by choosing local goods and services
  • read about the environment that you are visiting so you can understand the uniqueness of it