Volunteers wanted in Camino Art House

Dear (wannabe) Volunteers!

(First the scary part 🙂 ) I’m writing to you honestly and with respect. I know what volunteering means, i was there too and i am still volunteering in many ways. In my opinion volunteering is helping others while learning new skills and practicing already existing ones. Is a self-development and helping to develop the project at the same time. I understand you want to travel without spending money on basics (food, accommodation, care and love), this is a nice idea, except if you don’t do it truly, like taking advantage on the offers but making a poor effort to fulfill tasks.

I think you are not helping for free. Those benefits you might get for your help are values, and can tell the value in money (like food, accommodation, electricity, water, internet access, medication, working hours spent with your teaching and taking care of you, etc.). I don’t want to count the euros, just trying to explain that what you get in return to your help is a pretty big value already if we see the material side, even bigger if we add the mental, spiritual or ethereal ones! In this case i expect you to focus on our project while you are the member of our team. I would like you to be present, be involved and be the part of the whole thing, and not to count the hours for your next day off, or count the hours of your work in return the quantity of food. We are not a travel agency giving beds for free for cool travelers. We are a hostel, an art house, and a growing community in the mountains, running a lot of different projects as well. We have colder and rainy days (especially in winter), we have slow internet, we have rooms with no windows (it is a 90 years old farmhouse), please take notes of all these before you decide to come to help. Once you are here, we expect you to stay at a minimum of 6 weeks, even if its raining or colder than you expected, i will give you extra blankets and we do exercises together to warm up. I hope this is clear and understandable. (We also have a dog and cats. Cats are free in the garden area, cannot enter the house, please consider this if you have allergies for animals.)

We have been working with volunteers for more than 6 years now. We have our own special way to do it, and the main thing is cooperation, communication and happiness. How do i mean? We always make a plan for tasks and working hours together. We talk about it. We talk about the tasks even during the process. We are an art hostel, so you can express yourself and learn a lot at the same time. We are also an off the road hostel, which means that our guests are mainly the cool guys who you actually want to meet during your travel experience. We are off the road because we are not on the beach, and we are not in the city. So you will have plenty of time to enjoy yourself in the nature. Hanging up laundry while watching the mountains, listening to the birds. We are based in Vega de San Mateo, in the heart of Gran Canaria, only 13 kms from the highest peak, called Pico de Las Nieves.

If you still like all these, please be our volunteer!

So, let’s go on for the details:

1. Why this whole volunteering thing is good for you?

Because you can have a special experience living right in the nature, (not too) far from the cities. Because you can develop new skills and practice the ones you already have. Because you can learn about hostel industry and be involved in challenging projects, art projects, events. Because you will meet very cool people and you well have amazing conversations. Because you can have your morning coffee with an incredible view behind the tables. Because you can enjoy yourself, learn new things and help out at the same time. Because the time you spend here might help you to get real paid jobs in the future with my recommendation.

2. Where is Camino Art House located?

We are located in Vega de San Mateo, about 1,5km from the center of this little, lovely town. The hostel is by the road GC15, and facing to the magical Valley of Mireles. We have a small garden and a bigger land with caves and old eucalipt trees and a camp site.

For proper description about how to get here please read this site.

3. Where do the volunteers sleep?

We have a small volunteers room connected to our dorm room in the house. We also use our biggest cave (Dragon Cave) to accommodate our crew and guests crew members. We have a few tents as well for volunteers. We cannot provide private rooms for couples.

4. How does the schedule look like?

We are expecting you to stay with us for at least six weeks.

We agree together about timing. We can do shifts: morning (8am-3pm) and afternoon (3pm-10pm) shifts. Or we can just arrange days of being busy at the hostel, and days when you can be totally free. Sometimes guests arrive in late hours but doesn’t happen often, also sometimes they want to have breakfast around 8am, so you need to start bit earlier. Cleaning is in the morning, starting from 9am, it takes maybe 3-4 hours to clean all the rooms and the garden area, do the laundry, etc…

Volunteers always have at least two days off (often more) so there is a chance to go and see other parts of the island. We do the schedule together for the following weeks, so all of our working hour requests can be planned together. Many people ask me how many hours they will work in reality? Honestly: i don’t know. But you will have a nice harmony between working and having your own time. This is very important!

5. What kind of tasks will you be doing as volunteer?

– cleaning

– checking in and out, payments part as well

– be around the guests, talk to them and find out their needs

– organize activities and in general be involved in the daily life of the hostel

– gardening (basic or advanced 🙂)

– doing laundry

– cooking, or make breakfast (basic or advanced 🙂)

– fixing (basic or advanced 🙂)

– being creative (basic or advanced 🙂)

– look after our pets (they are lovely so you will do this anyway 🙂 )

6. How many hours the volunteers work in a week?

More or less 25-35 hours a week (4-5 shifts a week). Approximately.

7. How many volunteers will be in the hostel at one time?

3-6 volunteers at a time.


8. What do you get in return for your help?

Accommodation, basic food (pasta, rice, onions, potato, coffee, tea, lentils, etc.. occasionally fruits, or other things..), discount for staying in other hostels on the island on your days off, discount for your friends and family visiting you here at Camino, slow internet, perfect laundry service, amazing experience, opportunity for self-development and singing birds all day long 🙂

I hope i didn’t frighten all of you away. Those who still want to come and help us, please write us an e-mail to caminoarthouse(at)gmail(dot)com and introduce yourself, please include in your e-mail a short story of your experiences and a little bit about your motivation on becoming a volunteer. also we would like to know what interests you, what are your main activities.

sincerely yours,
Bea Baltavari
Camino Art House, founder

Discover your real powers – Men Power workshop – 29.2 – 3.3 – 2024

We invite you to the Men Power workshop in the Camino Art House, Gran Canaria! This workshop is intended only for men.

The intention of the workshop is to realize the different forms, qualities and manifestations of male powers (from tenderness to strength, from vulnerability to courage) and support them in a safe atmosphere of a men’s group.

The main content of the workshop will be sharing in a circle with other men from heart to heart, practicing Playfight and exercises supporting men archetypes (King, Warrior, Magician, Lover).

Playfight is a playground where we explore the breadth of our emotions, behavior and communication. The main tools are playful wrestling and movement games and verbal reflection.

In this workshop, we will create a safe and honest atmosphere where we can open up and transform our personal themes.

The workshop is for you if you want to:
– connect with other men in a deep way
– get in touch with your emotions through the body
– pursue your goal with courage and respect
– build authentic relationships through honest communication
– set your boundaries in a healthy way
– support your missing energy
– learn not to avoid conflicts and look for win-win situations
– develop your authenticity in a supportive and safe community
– connect with your inner strength and playfulness

Thursday 29.2 – opening evening circle
Friday 1.3 – whole day program of PlayFight
Saturday 2.3 – whole day men archetype program in nature
Sunday 3.3. – morning PlayFight and closing circle

Food: we provide 3 meals a day starting Thursdayś dinner, finishing Sunday´s lunch. Timing: breakfast 9-10, workshop 10-13:30, lunch 13:30-14:30, program 15:30-19:30, dinner 20:00.


The workshop is led by Tomáš Wortner.
More information about Tomáš: www.instagram.com/tomaswortner

During the weekend workshop we will explore different forms and possibilities of PlayFight. More information about the method and principles at www.PlayFight.net

With you: two pairs comfortable clothes – ideally long sleeves and long trousers in which you can move well (we will also play outside in nature). We practice barefoot and without equipment.

Dates: February 29 – March 3.


Tutorial fee: 120€
Accommodation (for 3 nights): 60€
Food (9 meals): 135€
In total: 315€

How to book and more info:

If you want to participate or you have questions please contact us on whatsapp (only text, no calls please) +34633339903 or e-mail: caminoart@caminoart.org

Contact Improvisation in nature – with Eva Mora and Tomas Wortner

We warmly welcome you to an open contact improvisation workshop in our beautiful valley in Camino Art House. Date: 9th and 10th March, 2024
Warming up event in Las Palmas: 5th March, 2024 11.00am

We will provide technical and improvisation exercises. We will practice rolling, sliding, jumping, falling, flying … from ground level to standing level. And we will enjoy the dance.

If you want to get to know the facilitators, and have a taste of the classes, you are welcome to attend to our Contact Improvisation meet up in Las Palmas, between 11.00 – 13.00 (Calle Portugal 55). This event is 15€/person.

What is contact improvisation?

CI is a dance form where the dancers dialogue spontaneously connecting through touch, sharing weight, rolls, momentum, gravity, jumps, lifts and falls. It’s about trust and listening to oneself, the others and the space.

“Contact Improvisation is an open-ended exploration of the kinaesthetic possibilities of bodies moving through contact. Sometimes wild and athletic, sometimes quiet and meditative, it is a form open to all bodies and enquiring minds.” – Ray Chung

Difficulty: the workshop is designed for people interested in the body, movement and dance.
Lecturers: Eva Mora and Tomáš Wortner (more info at

Language: lesson will be facilitated both in English (Spanish translation is possible if needed)
What to bring: Bring comfortable clothes that allow freedom of movement. We will work barefoot or in socks.


Saturday + Sunday: 11.00-14.00 class, lunch, 16.00-20.00 class 20.00 dinner


Tutorial fee: 100€
Food (4 vegan meals): 70€
Accommodation (1 nights): 20€
The second night is also possible to book after the event: 15€

To book or if you have questsions please contact on whatsapp (only text, no calls please) +34 633339903 or e-mail: caminoart@caminoart.org

Campsite Retreat – Happiness is just a breath away!

Are you looking for a meaningful program for the Easter holiday? Don’t look any further! You are in exactly the right place…!


We are too much in love with the eternal here and now to force us and you into a fixed timeframe. Yet we can guarantee that our hourly schedule will be filled with a mix or blend of the following elements – according to the needs of the participants and the air of the day and the surrounding. All sessions take place either in our Workshop Cave or in the garden and on the land.

Our daily schedule could look like this:

When & where

28.3. Thursday
19.00h – 21.00h Get together bonfire place or roof terrace
29.3. Friday
09.30h – 13.00h (with a short break in between) and 15.30h – 18.30h
30.3. Saturday
09.30h – 13.00h (with a short break in between) and 15.30h – 18.30h
plus evening session
31.3. Sunday
09.30h – 13.00h (with a short break in between) and 15.30h – 18.30h
01.4. Monday
09.00h – 11.00h Get together rooftop or the main workshop places
Eventual evening sessions after dinner according to the needs of the group in
Dragon Cave or at the rooftop.

What & how

Bodywork – every day we start with a specially designed set of bodywork on the roof terrace, the garden or the cave. This set is specially designed to get you out of your head and into your senses and contains elements of neo-reichian Bioenergetics, ARICA, Yoga, Trager-Bodywork, classical ballet, mixed martial arts and modern dance theatre routines.

Brainwork – everyday we investigate in one way or the other your mental concepts like your expectations and hope- profile, anxiety-profile, inherited scripts, self-sabotage routines, distraction/escapism/avoidance tricks as well as the various ways of your self-motivation profile.

Breathwork – the blessings of Krya-Yoga and Kundalini-Yoga laid the groundwork for modern ways of working with the breath. We use controlled heavy breathing to flood the organism daily. We use Pranayama Breathing to win back control over your breath as well as moderate screaming and shouting to free the full range of your voice and general expressiveness.

Artwork – Some spots of the soul can hardly be reached by language or work with the body, but very good by uncontrolled creative expressiveness. We use the breathtaking surrounding nature for various land art methods like arranging elements, scratching techniques, natural colouring and combining misfits.

Integration – As we think that your experiences should show lasting effects and real change of behaviour, every set of experiential and expressive methods will be followed by acts of reflection. Creative writing, talking, storytelling and meaningful
sharing in the group. Words in one or the other way, as words still are the best way of mental conservation. We will also use enhanced wording techniques like neuro-nudging – hourly repeated customised wordings with eye/ear contact as well as “useful prayers” combinations of customised questions and wishes to be repeatedly said or sung.

You are in exactly the right place


are ready to take a trip through your dark side TO BLOOM IN YOUR BRIGHTER SIDE.
are emotionally stable and resilient to go through your process on your own
are open-minded for very basic accommodation to GET CLOSER TO NATURE AND REALITY.

How to book or ask questions:

For booking and more info please contact Romy: mail@romygastell.com
when you booked your spot with her please contact to Bea to book your accommodation (camino art) on whatsapp: +34633339903 (only text, no calls please) or caminoart@caminoart.org


Workshop: 350€
Accommodation: 50-180€
The workshop language is English. You can also contact Romy in German.

Your Team

Gerhard Hecht Dipl. Psych.

Gerd loves to be surprised, is curious on a permanent basis and fascinated by the intersection of consciousness and body. The source of human life! A fascinating space! And that is exactly all he wants to create in many ways together with you and Romy – space to move, to breathe, to laugh and to love! Because that`s all you need!
Get to know Gerhard better on: http://gerhardhecht.de

Romy Gastell

Romy loves liveliness, sensuality and how energy and body merge pleasurefully with each other in the true and magical essence of love and life itself. She is passionate about helping people to free their souls on all levels of being and unfolding their fullness in human life.
Get to know Romy better on: http://romygastell.com


We bring all our expertise together to make life purer, more joyful and richer. What we both love is to awaken the desire to live – pleasurefully!

Alapastel+Kikon: improvised ambient all-night set 28th January – Sleepover concert in Camino

Injoy an overnight event in Camino on the 28th January, in one of our cozy caves and share your experiences during breakfast.
We are happy to host Alapatel and Kikon in Camino, this sleepover concert is going to be a very unique experience. Hope to see you there.


Alapastel is a Slovak electronic composer. He creates contemplative soundscapes on the border of ambient, neoclassical and experimental electronic music. He is interested in finding originality in the values that can be shared through music. He is fascinated by the creation of soundspaces which can take us into the depth of our being, where we can discover the unexpected.
Waves of gentle ambient electronica intertwine with live loops, effects and vocals from Kikon from the slovak female vocal group Neha!

Kikon dedicates her work to uncovering the different layers that exist in both sound and consciousness.
She experiments with a sensitivity for the different worlds that one can connect to via the voice.
She uses her voice as a tool for self-exploration and the most sincere instrument of self-expression.
She considers music a hidden language that we all understand on an intuitive level and that transcends the limits of the spoken.


We are two out of a group of friends who share the passion for ambient music. A few years ago we got excited about the concept of sleepover concerts. We are fascinated to explore the conjunction of music with sleep. Sleepover concerts are a heart project for us.
They include elements of intuitive and improvised playing, where the unknown is given space to emerge. The sleeping audience is receptive indeed. It listens, just in a different way.
Just as in sleep some centers have the opportunity to relax, we too can tune into these waves and weave a soundscape out of our collective dream field. A kind of nocturnal sound healing arises that seeps into our dreamworlds and massages our (sub)consciousness.

As the morning rays approach, the music fades and we rise into the morning, stretch and share our dreamy experiences over breakfast.

Sleepover concerts fascinate us because we can not only accompany the listeners through the night, but also through a meditative immersion in which we all can become music for a while. You can listen to Alapastel + Kikon here.

Short video

The program and prices

28 January, 2024

4pm – arrival, discovering the land, introduction
8pm – dinner (donation: 5€ extra apart from the entrance fee)
10pm – concert starts
7am – waking up
8am – breakfast (included in the entrance fee)
10am – event ends

We invite you to arrive earlier in the afternoon and discover the magical valley of Camino Art House. This way you will feel more comfortable in the cave where we organize the program. The entrance fee for the event is 10€, including the concert and the breakfast. You can have family dinner with us and other Camino people at 8pm for 5€ donation at 8pm before the concert. All food are vegan (sometimes vegetarian options). For the sleepover we provide soft surface (mattresses, yoga mats, carpets, blankets), blankets and pillows.

For booking and more info please text to Bea (only text! no calls please!) whatsapp +34633339903.

Storytelling – gathering of the curious nomads

In old ages, before photos, radio or electricity people gathered in a warm place when ancient vagabonds returned from their journeys to listen to their stories.

Stories about never seen lands, wars, mystic animals, new solutions, surprising weather conditions, adventures and knowledge that these travellers have learnt on their trips. The reason of the journeys might have been similar to the ones we have today: seeking for new opportunities, exploring untouched places, learning about the world, bringing messages to far away places, looking for new home, fulfilling an adventurous heart wishes, searching for remedies, gods, survival tools, or hoping to find connections to other humans.

In these program series we will invite travellers who are happy to share their meaningful stories, so we can learn and get to know about places and happenings that we have never known before. We will listen and ask questions, talk and discuss about all the stories that are ready to be shared.

Our aspiration is to challenge ourselves and learn from each others without the sparks of instagram photos and filters. Without the „branding” of a nomad influancer. Lets try to do the old-fashioned way of communication: storytelling.

Our first gathering will be on
12th November, 2024
Camino Art House

After the storytelling we invite you for a simple vegan dinner and some drinks

Gathering of travellers

Chakras Retreat at Camino

We are happy to invite you to participate in our very first Chakras Retreat at Camino Art House. This is the time to experience the power of nature, work with it’s energies, and connect to your chakras. Through yoga practice, meditation and theories you will learn about your chakras, their main role and their extended funcions.

Engage in a meaningful journey through your energetic centers, in search for a balanced state in body and mind. Get in touch with the Chakras and the energetic body as a whole in theory and in practice. For this retreat we will use tools like carefully designed Yoga sequences, Pranayama breathing exercises, guided meditations, movement practices and self-expression, as well as different methods to explore the Elements and their related energies. The sessions will be accompanied by a variety of musical instruments, creating Chakra-specific soundscapes to enhance the connections within ourselves.

The experience will be completed with a healthy and delicious vegan menu. Three meals will be served per day, with ingredients influenced by Ayurvedic principles. The surroundings will also play an important role, because all the activities will take place in
Nature, in the beautiful ‘barranco’ that also holds the cave-rooms and camp area for a very quiet and renewing rest.

We invite you to join us on our Journey Through the Chakras retreat, which will take place in Camino Art House from 23th to 27th August 2023. Check the website for all the details and schedule: www.chakrasretreat.com

During the 5 days reatreat you will experience:

– Yoga classes and guided meditations with a certified teacher.
– Chakra-specific acoustic soundscapes.
– Understanding of the Chakra theory with tools for further study.
– Nourishment from healthy vegan food influenced by Ayurvedic principles.
– Reconnection with Nature in a beautiful valley.
– Self-expression as a self-development tool.

About the facilitators:

Rosaura Ruiz was born in Valencia, Spain. She is a certified Integral Yoga teacher, Thai-Massage therapist and apprentice of Herbalism in the Mediterranean tradition. She has experience guiding workshops and Yoga retreats in different locations of Europe and South America.
She understands the holistic healing arts as a powerful path of self-discovery, towards a self-management of Health and Vitality.

Daniel Hartwig is a sound enthusiast from Germany, who started to experiment with the voice in his early years whilst singing in a choir. After playing music for one decade in multiple genres with local artists, he was traveling in Asia for five years, to experience different states of being through mantras and meditation.
In the mountains of the Himalayas he started to play the Bansuri, marking a turning point towards a life that is lived with love, awareness and understanding.


Is the retreat for all levels or do I need previous experience?

Both begginers and regular yoga practitioners are welcome!

Where is exactly the location? How to get there?

Camino Art House: Calle V. Molinos 4, Vega de San Mateo, Gran Canaria. Reach it from Las Palmas San Telmo station by bus (number 303, 48min). The closest stop is El Chorrillo. From there walk the road back for 4min: you’ll find some houses in the turn. It’s the one in the back!

What is included in the price?

Daily guided activities, printed theory, materials for art workshop, accommodation for 4 nights in a shared or private cave room or in tent (beddings included), daily breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What facilities have the location?

We find the activity spaces, cave rooms and the tent area in the land of Camino Art House, immersed in the natural surroundings. There are several dry compost toilets in the land, as well as two outside cold showers. Wifi is available in the building, which also has one toilet and two hot showers.

What exactly are the cave rooms? How is it to sleep in a cave?

In Gran Canaria there is an ancient tradition of using natural caves as accomodation. The caves are very comfortable, because they keep a balanced temperature during day and night. They are open to the outside and the interior is basic and include the beds with fresh beddings, as well as a table and candles. There is no electricity in the caves, but electronical devices can be charged in the house. The caves are located at approx. 160m from the house and 30m from the outside showers and dry toilets.

Can I bring my own tent?

Tents with beddings are provided but you are also welcome to bring your own tent. The price remains unchanged.

What should I bring? Are yoga mats provided?

Yoga mats are available, but you are welcome to bring your own. Bring comfortable, loose and light clothes for the activities, a bottle for drinking water, a hat or cap, notebook and pen if you wish to take notes and appropiate shoes for walking in nature. Please consider to bring only natural cosmetic & hygiene products.

How is the payment done?

Payment is done through bank transfer to the account we provide when you book your place.

What is the cancellation policy?

The payment is not refundable. We cannot cover unforeseen events like weather changes or other disruptive events interfering the normal progress of the activities. But if due to ‘force majeur’ we have to cancel the activities for a whole day or more, you will be refunded accordingly.

I have food allergies or special dietary needs, what should I do?

In the moment of booking communicate with us your needs.

I have allergy or phobia to animals, are they present in the location?

In the house and the surrounding land lives one dog and six cats. All of them very friendly!

I have serious injuries, health issues or motricity difficulties, can I join?

Unfortunately, many activities involve movement, and the location is not adapted to persons with serious movement limitations. Some of the activities are also not reccommended in case of high blood pressure and related health problems. To be sure of your specific situation, just contact us!

I am pregnant, are the retreat activities safe for me?

We don’t advise to participate in the retreat during pregnancy.

How is normally the climate in the island in the dates of the retreat?

For this period the historical temperature rates are 28°C to 22°C, being the dry season of the year. This being said, the climate is dynamic and can always exceed our expectations.

I would like to meet the facilitators through videocall before booking my place, is that possible?

Of course! It would be our pleasure to meet you and solve your questions. Just contact us to arrange the meeting.

The Butterfly Dance – a children’s book that was born in Camino

Emily and Andrii, two of Camion’s volunteers, decided to make a children’s book together. It took them only a few month from the first idea in december ’22 until the book was published on 22nd of May, 2023. Camino is a great place to find new ideas, and to act on them, either by yourself, or with a collaboration with someone else. I got very interested on how this book creation happened, so I asked a few questions of my ex volunteers. I am hoping there will be many similar, creative and beautiful stories in the future.

The Butterfly Dance follows the fun and surprising journey of a young child and a butterfly as they discover true beauty, even in the ordinary.
I first questioned Emily about this arty experience.

How did you come up with the idea of the butterfly dance book?

It all started last summer when I was walking to my local lake. It’s a long, scenic walk so I write poems in my head. I can’t say exactly what I saw without giving the story away but a very simple sweet moment happened and it inspired a poem. That poem then sat in my notes, forgotten, until I met Andrii at Camino.

Did Camino inspire you in any way? How did it help in the process of creation to be in Camino?

During my time at Camino, I wrote 50+ poems and filled two notebooks with thoughts- the most I have ever written at one time. I had never shared my writing before, nor really believed that it would be enjoyed by people other than me. With time, and great people around me, I started sharing my poems. I soon mentioned a possible book and Andrii said he could illustrate it. The book would still be forgotten in the notes app of my phone if I hadn’t met the incredibly kind, creative people in Camino.

What is your experience, is it easy or difficult to work in camino, in the term of making art?

Like I said, I didn’t stop writing during my time there. I would sit and watch people talk over dinner and write, I’d watch Andrii and Hannah draw and write, I’d get lost on a sad day in nature and write. Everything and everyone inspired me, the environment allowed it to flow effortlessly.

Is this book a starting point? Are you planning to write/publish more books? Will you stay with children’s stories?

I’d love to write more children’s books. I think I want to write as many stories as possible, I’m sure some will be good and some not so much, and then choose 1 to make the next book. I’ll also keep writing poetry but I think I will return to keeping those private.

What is your favorite thing about this book? If you think of the whole process, starting from the first idea until the publishing, which part warms your heart the best?

I think the sense of accomplishment from holding a finished copy is the best part. I was part of creating something beautiful and it feels incredible to have that in my hands.

How was it to work in collaboration with Andrii? Camino is a great mixture of different artists, and one of the ideas of the art house is to find partners in art making, or in other creative works. Do you think Camino fulfills this idea?

I think the book would have never been created without Camino. Camino mixes music, art, poetry and nature – it also brought together incredible people to share art with.

What is the thing that you like the best about Andrii’s work? What do you think about how his drawings and your stories fit together? Did he deliver something that you planned or did you let him create freely, and it was a perfect match?

I think Andrii’s art is by far the best thing about this book. I adore every single page, every thought and idea that I had was made even better by him. I’d say for the most part, he created freely – we wanted his style in the book. We discussed word placement and logistical things together but the art all comes from him. He brought the story to life and made it breathe.

What is the message of the book?

The message of the book is that everything has beauty, even hidden in ordinary things. There’s a little bit of magic everywhere, even if you have to look a little deeper in that thing or yourself to find it.

Andrii arrived to Camino a few weeks before Emily, and they quickly had a strong bond. Andrii is a great artist, spent many hours in different spots of Camino in silence, and just draw on a piece of paper he found or on his laptop.

How did you come up with the idea to cooperate in making the Butterfly Dance book?

Well, it was a spontaneous idea, as far as I remember. Emily saw me painting and she asked me if I wanted to make a book together. She already had the poem written. After she read it to me, without any hesitations, I said yes.

Did you illustrate others books already or is it your first book?

I was working as a book illustrator for about two years and illustrated a number of books as well as other projects.

What was your experience in working in Camino? Was it difficult or inspiring?

I think it was a perfect place for it because it has this special creative atmosphere and incredible nature. The place itself is a pure inspiration.

This is the first time when two volunteers collaborate and make an art project come true. How do you feel about that? do you think Camino is a good place for collaboration? or for actually making a dream come true?

Camino is full of artists and creative people and it’s just a matter of time when the next art will happen. People here collaborate on a daily basis doing yoga, meditation, art, all sorts of things. And it all happens naturally. I feel really lucky to be there and actually to have a chance to participate as a volunteer.

Did you need to face professional challenges? What were they and how did you deal with them?

The main challenge was to decide how to break the text in to pieces and create and illustrations for each of them. Honestly, it was more or less smooth process with just a few adjustments we arrived with solution that worked for us. The challenges kind of solved themselves and the answer came with the time. we took it slow and the book was ready in a few months from an idea to the finished project.

How was the working flow with Emily? The Butterfly Dance book was her original idea, how did it feel to when she wanted to include you into this project? How did your working process develop?

The project developed very smoothly without any problems really. Mainly because it’s our book and a collaboration 50/50. Therefore i felt it was more like making a personal project rather then work.

what do you think of your ready art pieces in the book? Are you satisfied with your work? What is your next step? Are you going to make more books together?

It’s very difficult for me to feel satisfied with my art, but this book specifically is an exception. I had full creative freedom to do illustrations in any style as I wanted, as long as it communicated the idea. Emily fully trusted my personal taste and I hope the result is speaking for itself. So far we don’t have any plans to make the next one, but we received many positive comments and reviews which can be a good motivation to create more books in the future.

The Butterfly Dance book is available on Amazon or contact @thebutterflydancebook on Instagram directly for a cheaper price.

Emily Rose is also known as Emily O’Reilly. she is a 25 year old poet, teacher and now author. She was born just outside of London and started writing as a child. She wrote short stories and attempted novels throughout her childhood until she fell in love with poetry as a teenager. For as long as she can remember, she have experienced life through the lense of poetry; it has become a way of thinking as much as a hobby.

At Camino, she wrote something new to her – a children’s book. Together, with Andrii, they created ‘The Butterfly Dance’. Although her poetry will return to the privacy of her notebooks, she wants to keep writing and sharing stories for children. It’s an exciting and surprising direction that would have never been possible without the incredible, artistic environment of Camino or the people there.

Andriy Klumchyk is a self-studied illustrator and artist, born in 1995, Ukraine. From 2018 he was working as a freelancer for international clients. Had worked on various projects including character design, book illustrations, song covers, picture film, nft, game design. In 2022 had started to work on personal art, making murals, and had an exhibition in Camino Art House. In 2023 made a book with E. Rose called Butterfly Dance, which is mostly a charity project made to support children’s of war in Ukraine and around the world.

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camino art

Let Me Fall Festival ’22 December

Let me Fall (in Love)

Art and self-development gathering, Camino Art House, Gran Canaria, Spain9-10-11 December, 2022

Falling, most of the time is associated with pain, failure, depression. But falling is nothing like that! Falling is natural process of the circle of nature. We call autumn the Fall. This is the time when we fall back to our peace, to our tranquility, to our real nature. Falling is necessary for change. And we need the change constantly. Life is a never ending change!

We want to encourage you to not to be afraid of falling. You can trust Gravity, and there will be always something or someone to hold you up. It is OK to fall, and it is OK to lose control time to time, it is OK to fail. Nowadays in society falling represents defeat, non-success and it is something that we need to hide, keep in secret or feel ashamed about. This is all wrong! We all need to fall to find the better way, to learn to stand up and grow, to get stronger.

After organizing our first art and self-development festival in march 2022, called Let me Bloom, we decided to give more space and time for this kind of gatherings. We clearly felt the need and pleasure of learning, practising new skills, connecting with ourselves, and others through art and nature. We want to keep walking this path to discover real values, find real connections, joy and togetherness with the beautiful tools of art and learning.

So welcome to our next gathering: Let me Fall (in Love)
9-10-11th December, 2022

Focus on Voice and connect to your inner self

28th of May, Saturday
14.30 to 20.00
at CAMINO ART HOUSE, Vega de San Mateo
Contribution: 40€/person

Voice is the instrument of transformation. By connecting to our voice we connect to our core and we are able to manifest our deepest self. The body is the house where the voice lives. Trough a physical and resonance training we will work to release the tension in the throat to open up our voice. Our natural unique voice.

The workshop takes place at Camino Art House, where the caves and the special surrounding of the valley will give a perfect venue for the voice practices. The caves are unique spaces, they behave like silent rooms that gives an opportunity to work with the sound in a very authentic way.

The workshop is open to all the voice lovers, and you don’t have to be a professional singer. Dress in casual to be able to work in nature and lay on the ground. If you play an instrument please bring it for the after dinner jam session.

28th May

14.30 — Load in, arriving.
15.00 – 16.30 — Warming up, breathing exercise, physical training
16.30 – 17.00 — break
17.00 – 20.00 — Focus on voice. Resonance training. Opening up the voice

20.00 — Dinner
21.00 — Cave Jam Session

After the workshop we are inviting you to stay for dinner and for the cave jam gathering. There is possibility to stay over in the Camino. Dinner and accommodation are not included in the price, they are extra 5€ for dinner and 10€/person for staying over.

The maximum number of participants is 15 people, so please reserve your place before the group fills up.

To book please contact to Bea on whatsapp: +34633339903, or e-mail: caminoarthouse@gmail.com