Let Me Fall Festival ’23

Let me Fall (in Love)
Art and self-development gathering, Camino Art House, Gran Canaria, Spain
23-27 November, 2023

Let me Fall Festival seems to be the first gathering moment of our kind of people this year. Many of you will return to celebrate art and creativity, learning and developing at our lovely inspiring space. And the land is also getting ready to welcome us, starts to grow again, breath again after the long hot summer days. This summer was much dryer than last year, so the change will be more significant when the rain arrives. I think in this term, as it feels more like spring than fall, the following quote will fit for our gathering:
There is freedom waiting for you in the breezes of the sky. And you ask:
“What if I fall?” – “Oh but my Darling! What if you fly?”

Falling, most of the time is associated with pain, failure, depression. But falling is nothing like that! Falling is natural process of the circle of nature. We call autumn the Fall. This is the time when we fall back to our peace, to our tranquillity, to our real nature. Falling is necessary for change. And we need the change constantly. Life is a never-ending change!
We want to encourage you to not to be afraid of falling. You can trust Gravity, and there will be always something or someone to hold you up. It is OK to fall, and it is OK to lose control time to time, it is OK to fail. Nowadays in society falling represents defeat, non-success and it is something that we need to hide, keep in secret or feel ashamed about. This is all wrong! We all need to fall to find the better way, to learn to stand up and grow, to get stronger. And also: what if after making the first terrifying jump to fall we end up flying?

After organizing our first art and self-development festival in march 2022, called Let me Bloom, we decided to give more space and time for this kind of gatherings. We clearly felt the need and pleasure of learning, practising new skills, connecting with ourselves, and others through art and nature. We want to keep walking this path to discover real values, find real connections, joy and togetherness with the beautiful tools of art and learning.

So welcome to our next gathering:
Let me Fall (in Love) ’23
23-27 November, 2023

On the first evening we will enjoy the final performance of our Streamflow Dance Camp participants, this is the opening show of the festival. So it is worth to arrive already on this evening, and enjoy a warming camp fire before the first day of the festival. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday there will be many and all kinds of workshops where you can dive deep in yourself, learn new skills, find ideas that has never occurred to you before. In the evening hours we will all gather in Nispero or in Dragon Cave and enjoy the performances of our great artists.

You are welcome to stay 4 more days at Camino for a special price and intake, digest and boost all the information and experiences you had in the festival days. You can use this time to create, to meditate, to journal, or just rest and nourish yourself with our famous meals. Please let us know if you wish to be part of this Inspirational Landing Camp.

Our idea about the your contribution: we separated the entrance fee from the accommodation fee because all of the entrance fee will be diveded between all of our artists/intstructors/facilitatorsf. So the more people arrive to the festival the more we can give them back. If you wish to support Camino Art House please stay over (accommodation fee) and consume the meals / drinks at our kitchen. Thank you!

The program — Read more here (the program probably will change a lot, so good to check it time to time) (constantly updated)
The accommodation, entrance fees and prices – Read more here.
House rules – Read more here.