Contact and Modern Dance CAMP ’23

Streamflow, contact improvisation and contemporary dance camp
Camino Art House, Gran Canaria, Spain
17-23 Novembre, 2023

What is contact improvisation?
Program of the dance camp
Our facilitators
Accommodation, food, fees and contact

Would you follow my lead and let yourself move with freedom? You can rely on me, feel me, trust me. Follow the call that is pulling you, holding you and keeping you. This is the first step.
Second: would you follow your own lead and let yourself move with freedom? You can rely on yourself, feel yourself, trust yourself. You are dancing, they say, but you know that this is not a dance. This is life. You live. This is your cycle of life. Like there is a cycle of water, and cycle of streamflow…

photos by Haukur Snorrason

What is the streamflow?

Water flows downhill due to Earth’s gravity (force of attraction between two masses) pulling it. Streams, like rivers, are gravity-driven bodies of moving surface water that drain water from the continents.
Streamflow is the way in which water moves within a stream channel. It can be influenced by the source of the water, the water speed, the direction of the water flow, and objects within the stream. There are two different ways that water can flow in a stream: laminar or turbulent.
In the water cycle: Streamflow is water moving across the Earth’s surface in streams. Evaporation happens when water changes from a liquid to a gas and moves from the Earth’s surface back into the atmosphere. By Transpiration water is pulled out of the soil and released into the atmosphere by plants.
In physics: Streamflow is the volumetric discharge expressed in volume per unit time (typically cubic meters per second (m3/s)) that takes place in a stream or channel and varies in time and space.

Welcome to our very first contact improvisation and modern dance camp at Camino Art House. On these days you will be focusing on your movements, and the connection between your body, mind and soul, in a conversation with others and your instructiors.

When: 17-23 November, 2023

Level and experience needed: the camp is suiatable for totally beginners to advenced level movement lovers. You don’t need to be a dancer, or have any experience in dancing to attend the program. Our aim is to help you to learn the wonderful connection with your feelings, mind and movements. In this way this is not only a dance camp, but a complex self-discovery camp.

What you will experience:
Daily theme classes in contact improvisation and modern dance style
Exciting trips and dancing in nature
Liberation of your energies, movements
Connection to yourself and others around you
Inspiring environment of Camino Art House
Healthy nourishing vegan food

What you will learn:
Self-confidence, freedom, balance, to play, to stand up when you fall, connect with others, the nature of your body, how to motivate yourself, how to find inspiration
What you will unlearn:
Self-doubt, fear of unknow, sense of confinement, stiffness, feeling stuck, insensibility

What is contact improvisation?
Contact Improvisation is a dance form, originated by American choreographer Steve Paxton in 1972, based on the communication between two or more moving bodies that are in physical contact and their combined relationship to the physical laws that govern their motion—gravity, momentum, inertia.
The body, in order to open to these sensations, must learn to release excess muscular tension and abandon a certain quality of willfulness to experience the natural flow of movement. Practice includes rolling, falling, being upside down, following a physical point of contact, supporting and giving weight to a partner.
Contact improvisations are spontaneous physical dialogues that range from stillness to highly energetic exchanges. Alertness is developed in order to work in an energetic state of physical disorientation, trusting in one’s basic survival instincts. It is a free play with balance, self-correcting the wrong moves and reinforcing the right ones, bringing forth a physical/emotional truth about a shared moment of movement that leaves the participants informed, centered, and enlivened. — Nancy Stark Smith

Our facilitators and mentors:

ENIKŐ SZILÁGYI (Hu) is a contact improvisation teacher, Structural Integrator, dancer, movement therapist, Fascial Movement trainer.

Having experienced many forms of bodywork she brought her focus on fascial therapy and Somatic Movement methods. She works in her private practice (FluidBody) as therapist in Structural Integration (Fascial SeptumWork), Fascial trainer and movement educator. She regularly leads workshops in Fascial training, somatic movement and Contact Improvisation.
After earning a university degree at the Hungarian University of Physical Education as a teacher of physical education; teacher of APA (Adapted Physical Activity) and physiotherapist, she studied contemporary dance techniques, contact improvisation, acrobatics at Contemporary DanceLab School in Budapest.
Since then, she has been passionately involved in dancing and somatic movement, learned from various magnificent teachers from all over the world. As a performer, she has participated in various research projects on improvisation and performance. She is founder of SferaLab and member of L1 Association (Hungarian Independent Artists Association of Public Utility).
She has taught at Kontakt Budapest Festival; Poland Contact Festival, Warsaw; Trans-Contact Festival, Romania; Contact Meets Contemporary Festival, Göttingen; Contact in Rio Festival, Brazil; Italy Contact Festival, Arezzo, Italy; Contact Crete Festival, Crete, Greece; Potsdam, Germany, Inesperadamente Festival, Murcia, Spain; Fuerteventura CI Festival, Canarian Islands, Freiburg CI Festival, Israel Contact Festival and others.
Organized L1danceFest in Budapest 2015 and ECITE in 2016 (European Contact Improvisation Teachers Exchange) in Hungary.

In addition she teaches her own somatic-based improvisation and conscious movement system what called ’FluidBody’.

Her main interest in body awareness:
• improving posture, balance and freedom of movement
• delving deeper into the body’s intelligence and attain to a better relationship with gravity
• finding more balanced, efficient, and fluid movement within in our life.


TÍMEA GYÖRKE (hu), dancer, teacher, movement- and dance therapist

She earned her degree in gymnastics training, physical education and physical therapy at the Hungarian University of Physical Education in 1994. During this time she met modern and contemporary dances and Contact Improvisation. Since 2004 she has been teaching these dance forms for kids-parents (Family Contact –, for teens in secondary school and for adults in university.
She was a member of the organizers and teachers’ team of the Hungarian CI Festivals, ECITE and CI events. She travels a lot to teach and to study as well. She collected her experiences as a teacher from Freiburg (CI Fest.), Gottingen (Contact meet Contemporary), Cluj-Napoca (Transcontact Fest.), Budapest (Contact Budapest Fest.), Marburg, Copenhagen…
As the member of Workshop Company and Group Tetra Ether she investigates improvisation and the connection between movement – music- visual arts, organizing Impro Jams, site specific and crossroads performances.
With the land artist, Sabine Fazekas she led several workshops in the nature.
From 2021 she became the member of L1 Independent Artists in Public Utility. It is mission to secure professional support for independent Hungarian artists in performing and creative arts.
She is interested in – not just the physical motion, but the soul – the „psyche” of the movement. This was the reason she started her studies in Psychodynamic movement- and dance therapy.
Dance classes:
– will based on modern and contemporary dance techniques
– we use easy acrobatics, CI skills and improvisation as well
– at the end we create small combinations and compositions

Outdoor work:
– we use “land art”, free motion, CI, the nature and each other
– we create bridge between nature and interactive body interventions
– we develop our listening, the awareness; create special connection with ourselves and with the nature around
– reading the landscape and opening our perceptions help us to reconnect to the state of the early age’s global perception (synaesthesia)

The aim is to find the cohesion of the group by creating strong interactions in the nature. Therefore, improvisation and freedom in motion will be encouraged and lead to install a particular communication between us.
This combination is due to reinforce our connection to the nature and integrate deeply the inner and outer experience of being a part of Nature.


Nov 17 Friday
Arriving, cooking together, introduction, dinner

Nov 18 Saturday
10-13 dance (camino)
15-18 dance (camino)

Nov 19 Sunday
10-13 dance (mogan)
15-18 dance in the dunes (maspalomas)
Sunset and dinner in Tauro

Nov 20 Monday
10-13 dance – Roque nublo (50 min drive, 1h walk to roque)/ dance somewhere on the way
7pm sunset

Nov 21 Tuesday
10-13 dance (Las palmas)
Dance – las canteras or el confital.
Evening hours: dance in room (experiencing real dance floor and difference of closed, indoor environment from outdoor and natural)

Nov 22 Wednesday
10-13 dance (camino)
15-18 dance (camino)
Camp fire

Nov 23 Thursday
10-13 dance (camino)
15-17 dance (camino)
18.00 final show – Let Me Fall Festival opening show

Nov 23 -26 – Let Me Fall Art and Self-development Festival, camino art house

About Camino Art House
Camino Art House opened its doors in 2015. Since than we have offered accommodation and have run different projects with artists. This includes exhibitions, workshops in art, health and lifestyle topics, and many more events. We welcome travellers who are always happy to be involved in our daily life and share their own experiences with us.
We have an old building, which is the central house, and a large land, where the camp will take place. We have caves, meadows, and terraces to use. The house itself will not accommodate all of us, so we will invite you to sleep in the caves or the campsite depending on the number of our group. We will communicate about this in advance after your application.

Accommodation and Food
We offer the following types of accommodation for the camp:
Shared dorm in house // shared dorm in cave // tent with beddings in campsite
For couples: private room in house // private cave room // large tent with beddings in campsite
None of our rooms has private bathroom, we have one main bathroom and a small shower in the house, and 5 dry toilets, and two outdoor showers with cold water in the land. Individuals can occupy private rooms with an extra fee of 14€/night.

We serve only vegan food. You will have breakfast, lunch and dinner and some snack and water during the day.

Contribution fee: 490€ / person / event
The fee includes: accommodation (shared dorm, shared facilities) and food, tutorial fee, day trip transportation, dance room rental fee.
The fee does not include the transportation to and from Camino Art House at arrival and when leaving.
If you attend the Streamflow Dance Camp you will get a 30% dicount from Let Me Fall Festival entrance fee.

How to apply?
When applying we request a 50% payment. Rest of the fee will be paid at the camp at arrival or during the event.
Cancellation: if you cancel we refund 100% of your deposit until 25th October, 50% of your deposit until 3rd November. If you cancel after 3rd November we do not refund your deposit.
If you want to join to the camp, please contact us on e-mail or phone.

Bea (Camino Art House), +34633339903 (whatsapp too)
Enikő +36 306365621
Timi, +36 706277914