The Muse is Calling ’23 – Call for Artist Residency

Welcome to our annual artist residency program called “The Muse is Calling”. Every summer we open our doors for artists, and invite them for a longer period to create. We are able to do that in the summer when the house and our land is more quiet, so there is more space, time and attention for arty work.

The idea is that we want to give all the chance for those creative people who choose Camino for residency to focus on their projects. That is why we need a proper project plan from you when you apply, and we discuss it and help you in the process when needed. We offer reduced prices for accommodation and food, and we hope this helps our artists to stay with us for a longer period. The minimum time of the residency is one week, the maximum is 4 weeks. Actually you could stay longer but we believe in deadlines, so we expect you to finish your project in your Camino time. Staying longer might mean that you will need more projects 🙂
That is also a tradition in Camino that we request our artists to contribute to our project beside their personal projects. This can be holding one or two workshops in Camino, making photos that we can use with promotional purposes, creating an art piece that is also useful for daily use, etc.


This year we start the residency program from 1st May. You are very welcome to arrive until mid-october any time for a 7-30 days creative holiday.

What is INCLUDED for your contribution?

Accommodation, breakfast and dinner, space to create

Basic tools/materials (upon personal arrangement).

We are happy to promote your work/website by including you on or web/social media. We are happy to present you with podcast/articles/interviews. We are happy to organize workshops/exhibitions to present your work/project. All of these are upon personal arrangement.

Transport fees. Visa fee, or any kind of documentation for visa. Any kind of insurance. Materials needed to your project. (We might able to offer you basic materials, so lets talk about what you need.)

Who can apply?

Recognized artists, having a portfolio (can be a website too) and looking for space, time and inspiration to create. The call is inviting artists from all over the globe so you can be based anywhere on the planet.

How to apply?

Please send your portfolio, your introduction, your motivation to Please make a working plan, and describe the project that you want to work on during your time in Camino. Please describe the project that can be your contribution to Camino Art House.
After the personal discussion about your stay and your project we kindly ask you to pay 50% percent of your accommodation fee by paypal or revolut. The rest of the fee will be payed at arrival in cash, or by Paypal/Revolut.
Cancellation policy:
If Camino cancel your stay, we agree on refund your deposit.
If you cancel your residency, we refund your deposit if you cancel 2 weeks before the first day of your stay. We cancel half of your deposit if you cancel 1 week before the first day of your stay. We don’t refund if you cancel less than 1 week before the first day of your stay. Please note that we are a Non-Profit Association, and all payments are recognised as a donation/contribution to our work, and helps us to continue our project.
You can contact for more info on whatsapp +34633339903 (only text please, no calls!)

Why to apply?

– Camino is a creative and inspiring place where you can meet like-minded people. We are recognized as a cultural and arty place on the island, and we are happy to offer our space to you to work and for the representation of your work
– You can spend time alone, or in company depending on your needs
– You can be invited to our Let me Bloom or Let me Fall festivals that are held every december and march. These festivals are art and self-development gatherings. Read more about it here.
– In the summer period our house is very tranquil. Which means we are looking for special ways to generate income, offering reduced prices for artists is one of these attempts. So we beleive that our artist residency is a win-win-win situation as the artists can enjoy our services for low prices, Camino can ganerate some income in low season, and everyone else can enjoy the art that is created during this time.
– We offer very good prices
– We have an amazing dog and 7 super cute cats on the property, all of them are real characters and absolutely loveable.
– We have a large land with little nooks and look outs that you can use/enjoy while your stay.

How much you need to contribute?

1. Money wise

Artist residency prices ’23

Plusz 5€/day for breakfast and dinner.

2. Work and moral wise

We will discuss your arty contribution to Camino, it can be one workshop, or more, or a making of an art-piece or an object of use, it can be your art devoted to us (writing, photos, etc). We also ask you to value the time and your work that you can spend in Camino and devote it to your precious work, this is the moral aspect of your contribution.

We hope to see you around soon 🙂
Wishing all the best and inspired days:

Bea and Camino Team