Stick to what you like! – The Sticker Project

We start a sticker project! This has been on our map for very long, and now finally here we are! And we are looking for you!

Camino Art House is planning to print Camino stickers in collaboration with our arty friends. All the stickers will be individually designed by these unforgettable people and will promote Camino Art and their own project(s) the same time. We believe that good things stick with us, and actually to everything that we choose to stick to, so these project is a perfect representation of our ideas: collaboration, art, communication, connection and invitation.

We believe that these stickers will travel around the planet, and will talk about our vision, and will invite others to get to know your work / project and Camino Art.

Camino will take all the costs of printing, we are asking you to provide your unique design and the info that you want to include. This can be a hastag, a website, a slogan, or any creative sign that represents you and your work. It can be black and white or colorful.

Our first sticker design as an exampleIf you like this idea, please get in contact with Bea on e-mail ( or on whatsapp (+34633339903) to talk about details. We might also ask your permission to use your design for postcards. Your design must include: Camino Art House // and of course your details too. The design can contain elements of your Camino experience.. but it doesn’t necessarily has to. We would like to do the printing at the end of October. So if you want to collaborate with us please make your art ready by first week of October the latest.

Lets talk, lets create together, lets communicate together!

Much love
Bea and Camino Crew