We believe that we are in a big trouble regarding to living in harmony with our amazing planet Earth. We believe if we show a good example and we educate the further generation and teach everyone around us will make a change. We don’t need to change the World. We need to change ourselves. The Earth is a very special, unique place to live, and if you are a traveler, and have seen her different faces, touched her skin, swam in her Oceans, slept in her secret, hidden corners you exactly know what we mean. The Earth is an inimitable, magnificent, beautiful and magical system, a welcoming and caring home, a shelter, a fertile medium, and a strong self-supporting ecosystem. She is our home, the place that we are all looking for, the place that we are searching from the very beginning of our consciousness. You must remember that inner call from the very bottom of your stomach when you were 12 and opened the World Atlas, that push that made you to buy your first railway ticket, to stand hours by the road hitchhiking, plan the first continental journey to find yourself in a very different culture, landscape and world. You were always looking for her. Our planet. She is here and has been always here and was always welcoming you, feeding you and giving you joy, beauty and happiness. We need to understand that we have to respect her, just like we respect our houses, our cars, our daily places to be. The Earth is the first element, the base of all these, so we need to keep it clean and in harmony.

If you want to experience this harmony, we invite you to our Camino Art Hostel to watch the sunrise from our patio. Sitting under the open sky, watching the hills, listening to the hundred birds, and sipping your hot tea will make you understand the welcoming and caring guidance of Her.

We ask two things from you:

1. Listen, watch, experience and learn how to live in harmony with Planet Earth.

2. Talk about what you have learnt, have seen and experienced. In this case you make nr1. possible to someone else.