Call for artists/performers and instructors/coaches – Let Me Fall ’22

We are calling for artists/performers and instructors/coaches

Camino Art House is inviting artists, performers, instructors, teachers and coaches to participate in our “Let Me Fall 22” art and self-development festival in Vega de San Mateo, Gran Canaria, on December 9-10-11, 2022.


After the unique gathering of the Let Me Bloom Festival in March 2022 we are inviting you again to the magical valley of Camino Art House. This time we will have 3 full days to enjoy art, learn new skills, share experiences, develop ourselves and enjoy beautiful performances and cosy spaces.

The magical and powerful energies of Let Me Bloom festival proved us the natural need of self-development and appreciation of art either as audience or active participants. People who are looking to build and experience a better world around us are consistently looking for nature, art and special skills to practice. We want to give space and time for this. We want to be the gathering place of like-minded people, those who are not afraid to act, to feel, to share.

Inspiration, curiosity, courage, joy, togetherness

Just a few key words that we are seeking for in these days. Our favourite parts of the festival are when all the performing artists meet us personally at their workshops during the day, and share their knowledge, their experiences. Their art and actions developed in many years and they gained a specific knowledge and experience during that time. It is always a unique moment to learn from someone more experienced, from someone who is coming from a different era but has the superpower of a specific topic that we love too. Art – no matter if it is movement, music, applied, performance, visual or any other type, – is a common language that we can use to connect, heal, enjoy, learn and develop ourselves.

The “Let me Fall” is a small art and development festival in the wild valley of Los Mireles, in Vega de San Mateo. We invite you to join to the event, and discover the secrets of this magical ground. While our spring time festival is about blooming, this autumn time festival is about falling. We want to enc

We want to encourage you to not to be afraid of falling. You can trust Gravity, and there will be always something or someone to hold you up. It is OK to fall, and it is OK to lose control time to time, it is OK to fail. Nowadays in society falling represents defeat, non-success and it is something that we need to hide, keep in secret or feel ashamed about. This is all wrong! We all need to fall to find the better way, to learn to stand up and grow, to get stronger.

This small, but inspiring festival in our magical valley will be centered in Nature. The venues of the different events, performances and workshops will be hidden in the land, in the caves, and under the trees. We are imagining beautiful moments that we share why taking in, practicing, or performing art in nature. The 10 mini stages will host all kind of activities, they might be performances, where the audience is observing, or interactive shows where the audience is involved, or workshops where the participants learn something new, or practice a special skill. The artists, performers, teachers might perform their own show at one time and teach a connecting (or totally different) skill at other time in a different venue. We are all artists, and we are all students, teaching and learning, performing and in-taking art are almost the same, we all meet in the beautiful line in the middle.

We are inviting all of you in the following topics (we are happy to enlarge the list):

Theatre improvisation
Singing, singing classes and practice
Painting, free painting, painting with live music
The extraordinary world of illustration
Natural art making
Handpan music
Cave meditation
Playfight, a playful method of connection and cooperation
Zen writing
Leaded meditation and visualisation
Collage making
Gypsy music
African drumming
Dance, free movement
Treasure hunting
Wild plant walk
Herbal medicines, wild teas
Cooking workshops (vegan and raw)
Nutrition workshop, food analyses
Enneagram and the art of acceptance
Whispering and story telling
Men and women circles
Yoga as a whole, asana practice
Mindful meditation
Music theory, where the trance come from

Camino Art House

Camino Art House opened its door in 2015. Since than we offer accommodation and different projects to artists, we offer home to exhibitions, we organize workshops in art, health and lifestyle topics, and we welcome travellers who are always happy to be involved in our daily life and share their own experiences with us.
We have an old building which is the central house and a big land, where the festival will take place. We have caves, meadows, terraces that we are going to use. The house itself will be not enough to accommodate all of us, so we open a special camp site for visitors and a special camp site for artists/performers/teachers.


We are planning to have 10 mini stages. We have 4 caves that we can use for concerts, jamming, meditation, or other activities. We try to organize the timing of each stages in an overlapping system, so participants can visit more activities/shows in one time-line. We are located in a valley, but we have to be very careful with sound limitation. Our good relation with our neighbours are very important for us. Supervisor will walk around during the days (and night) who will recommend you to be a little bit more quiet in your activity.


We are challenging you to keep the following rules:
1.Avoid drug consumption
2.Avoid excessive alcohol consumption
3.Avoid loud, aggressive behaviour
4.Avoid creating dangerous, reckless situations in nature
5.Avoid fires and use of open flame
6.Avoid littering
7.Avoid abusing nature
8.Be patient and understanding
9.Be careful when walking around in the valley or in the house (including the patio and the terrace)
10.Be helpful and courteous
11.Be quiet and caring
12.Be an intelligent smoker, please be polite and caring when you chose to smoke cigarette, and always collect your cigarette butts in your personal ash trays.

We are sharing a small space in these two days, and the space will be filled with wide variety of activities, so we all need to be attentive and patient.


Humans and animals are mostly allowed in the house and land. Cats are not allowed to enter the house as many humans has allergy to cats. Dogs can enter everywhere.


The toilet facilities are limited in the main house, please use the dry toilets and pop up showers. Please leave the places clean after yourself.

Quiet hours

From early morning until the end of breakfast we will follow the rule of quiet hours, which means that talking, using the phones or other devices are not allowed (not recommended), so we can enjoy the sounds of the nature and our inner silence. We can take a moment to look back to our last day and in-take all the benefits of our participation in the festival.


We offer camping to our artists/performers/teachers. The residency will be separated from the visitor’s camp site. We offer food 3 times a day. Drinking water is all the time available (the tap water is drinkable). We are not offering any kind of contribution for your transfer, unless you arrive with your instruments, in this case we will pick you up from the airport.


We offer 50% of the total revenue from entrants to our artists/performers/instructors/teachers/coaches. It means that this 50% will be shared with all of you who are willing to participate/perform in this festival. Beside this you will enjoy accommodation and food for free. Alcohol is not included in our hospitality, but coffee and tea yes 🙂 Please bring a sleeping bag, although we will try our best to provide all necessary blankets.

How to apply?

If you are interested in participating in the festival, please write an e-mail to, or contact via whatsapp or phone on +34 633339903. Please shortly introduce yourself, your project(s), and write a few sentences about why you are willing to participate in the festival. Please attach your portfolio or website. We are happy to see references of your work, if you have photos, sound recording or videos of your earlier shows/performances/workshops please attach them or send a link.

The call is open until 30th November, 2022. Please send your application until this day.

We hope to see you in Camino Art House!