Volunteers wanted – Let Me Fall Festival ’22

Camino Art House is inviting volunteers and helpers to participate in our Let Me Fall art and self-development festival in Vega de San Mateo, Gran Canaria, on December 9-10-11, 2022.


Let Me Fall is a mini art and self-development festival in the wild valley of Los Mireles, in Vega de San Mateo. After our spring festival called Let Me Bloom we are happy to invite you to our fall event, called Let Me Fall, on 9-10-11 December.

Falling, most of the time is associated with pain, failure, depression. But falling is nothing like that! Falling is natural process of the circle of nature. We call autumn the Fall. This is the time when we fall back to our peace, to our tranquility, to our real nature. Falling is necessary for change. And we need the change constantly.

We want to encourage you to not to be afraid of falling. You can trust Gravity, and there will be always something or someone to hold you up. It is OK to fall, and it is OK to lose control time to time, it is OK to fail. Nowadays in society falling represents defeat, non-success and it is something that we need to hide, keep in secret or feel ashamed about. This is all wrong! We all need to fall to find the better way, to learn to stand up and grow, to get stronger.

We want to call art and self-development for this journey, and this is why we gather, to enjoy art, and learn, practice and develop new skills, new connections and new ways. Camino Art House, with its magical valley is a great place for this.

We are asking for help from our volunteers and helpers in the following tasks (the list might longer, specific tasks might be added, so please take it as an approximate list):

building stages/venues, build up tents, spatial planning, building dry toilets, building showers, clearing paths, cleaning the land, cleaning the house, cooking, hosting, supervising, transport management, technical support for artists, shopping, composting, and many more.


Building, maintenance and installation – from 12 november to 5 december
Fieldwork on the festival from 5 december to 12 december

Camino Art House

Camino Art House opened its doors in 2015. Since than we have offered accommodation and have run different projects with artists. This includes exhibitions, workshops in art, health and lifestyle topics, and many more events. We welcome travelers who are always happy to be involved in our daily life and share their own experiences with us.
We have an old building, which is the central house, and a large land, where the festival will take place. We have caves, meadows, and terraces to use. The house itself will not accommodate all of us, so we will open a special camp site for visitors and a special camp site for artists/performers/teachers.


We are planning to have ten mini stages. We have four caves that we can use for concerts, jamming, meditation, or other activities. The timing of each stages won’t overlap significantly, so participants can visit more activities/shows. We are located in a valley, but we have to be very careful with sound limitations. Our good relationship with our neighbors is very important for us We will have on-site supervisors, who will be responsible for safety and acceptable sound levels.


We are challenging you to keep the following recommendations:
1. Avoid drug consumption
2. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption
3. Avoid loud, aggressive behavior
4. Avoid creating dangerous, reckless situations in nature
5. Not build fires or use open flames
6. Avoid littering
7. Avoid abusing nature
8. Be patient and understanding
9. Be careful when walking around in the valley or in the house (including the patio and the terrace)
10. Be helpful and courteous
11. Be quiet and caring
12. Be an considerate smoker. Please be polite and caring when you choose to smoke cigarettes, and always collect your cigarette butts in your personal ashtrays.

We are sharing a small space in these three days, and the space will be filled with a wide variety of activities, so we all need to be attentive and patient. Volunteers will be responsible to inspire participants to take on the challenges successfully.


The toilet facilities are limited in the main house. Please use the dry toilets and pop up showers. Please leave the places clean after yourself. Volunteers will be responsible to keep the facilities clean.

Quiet hours

From early morning until the end of breakfast we will follow the rule of quiet hours, which means that talking, using the phones or other devices are not allowed , so we can enjoy the sounds of nature and our inner silence. We can take a moment to look back to our last day and take in all the benefits of our participation in the festival.
In the night we need to finish all loud activity before 11pm.


We offer free camping to our volunteers/helper. The area will be separated from the visitor’s camp site. We provide complimentary food three times a day. Drinking water is available all the times.

Benefits and Pay

We offer food and accommodation for our volunteers. Transport is not included. We are not able to pay you for your help. You can participate in the festival in your free time, and enjoy Camino Art House hospitality for 4 additional days after the festival. Alcohol is not included in our hospitality, but coffee and tea are 🙂 Please bring a sleeping bag, as blankets are limited.

How to apply?

If you are interested in volunteering in the festival, please write an e-mail to bea@caminoart.org, or contact via whatsapp or phone on +34 633339903. Please briefly introduce yourself and write a few sentences about why you would like to participate in the festival.

The call is open until 15. February, 2022. Please send your application before the deadline.

We hope to see you at Camino Art House!