Words and Actions – Writing, improvisation and acting workshop

Welcome to Words and Actions, a unique self-development workshop in literature and theater improvisation.

February 26-28, 2021

improvisationDuring the sessions, our experts will offer advice and guided activities to develop your writing and acting abilities. The weekend culminates with short performances and readings. The beautiful surroundings of San Mateo provide the perfect environment to get creative, spontaneous, and playful. You will improve your writing and your self-expression, which could help you focus better on your creative work. All meals and accommodation are included. Vegan options available.
Join us for these active and thoughtful two days to Camino Art House in Vega de San Mateo, and discover your words and actions!
Our writing instructor Philip Charter (UK), will teach us practical techniques for writing and literature-creation. Václav Wortner (CZE), improvisation teacher, will be responsible for acting and theatrical improvisation sessions, and Bea Baltavari (HU), will be guiding the meditation and Yoga sessions.
Philip Charter is a British writer and teacher who lives abroad. His work has been featured in over thirty publications and in 2021, he won the Loft Short Story competition. Foreign Voices, his debut short fiction collection, was released in 2018. Philipcharter.com
Václav Wortner discovered improvisation in 2012, and steered his life fully towards theatre in all its forms. He studied devising acting at Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, working on solo performances, clowning and acrobatics. He studied longform improv at iO Chicago. As one of Us boys who go out together and member of Bafni ensemble he performs regularly in the Czech Republic and at international improv festivals in Europe (Tallinn, Tampere – Finland, Amsterdam, Nancy – France). Václav has been leading improv workshops for actors and improv trainings for corporate clients in the last three years in the Czech Republic, Colombia, Hungary, France, Ukraine, Estonia and the USA.
Bea Baltavari has been teaching Hatha Yoga for 8 years. In 2021 she is becoming a Vipassana Meditation instructor as well. She prefers to lead small groups, and always brings attention on personal needs and communication while teaching. She founded Camino Art House in 2015.
The Program
26 Feb – Friday
5 pm – Check in, introductions
7 pm – Guided cave meditation
8 pm – Dinner. Stories around the campfire. Reading from Philip, and all the other participants.
27 Feb – Saturday
8 am – Yoga
9 am – Breakfast
10 am-12 am – Writing workshop – Idea generation and writing from prompts.
12 am-2 pm – Acting workshop – Improvisation in acting, how to get started
2 pm-3.30 pm – Lunch break
4 pm-6 pm – Acting workshop – Rehearsal for performances. Direction and tips.
6 pm-8 pm – Free time, self-study time
8 pm – Dinner
After dinner reading of work and discussion
28 Feb – Sunday
8 am – Yoga
9 am – Breakfast
10-12 am – Writing workshop – How to create great characters.. Complete a character questionnaire and conduct interviews.
12-2pm – Acting workshop – How to bring a character to life. Physical and verbal techniques.
2pm – 3.30pm – Lunch break
3:30 – 5:30pm – How to edit and improve your work? Individual feedback from tutors.
5.30 pm – Presenting the final show, evaluation, feedback.
7pm – End of program