Kristóf Róna is originally a sound engineer from Hungary, who had been playing music and working in this era since many years. In the last few years he was mainly concentrating on travelling and on finding new ways and channels for expressing himself. “I’ve found painting a really interesting way to express emotions and thoughts so that’s what I am mainly experimenting with at the moment.” – says Kristóf, who participated in our art project a few weeks ago.


“I’ve met Bea in Las Palmas while working in a hostel and later I was lucky enough to got invitation to her magical hostel, called Camino Art Hostel, where she also has some cave rooms for the guests. Here I’ve spent 10 days in peace, creating – painting, drawing, spray painting and writing – that I really enjoyed as the hostel is based in the green canyons of north-west Gran Canaria. The vibes and the sounds of nature gave enough inspiration to be able to focus on my art and create as much as I could. She also let me ‘occupy’ one of the caves to hang (as a temporary exhibition for visitors) all my works I made previously and the ones I made with a friend of mine (Heidi Tanner). There was always something new to discover every day so it kept my excitement going to remain inspired by my surroundings. Bea is a great manager with passion for art that she supports as much as she can, not getting lost in everyday life’s problems but the very details that matter so she can go with the flow and acceptance. I wish you all the best Bea!”
Kristóf is currantly in Budapest, volunteering in summer festivals all around the country, and trying to figure out his next move into the world. Please check his work below!