Create to Connect, vol. 2.

I invite you to explore the beauty and the power of your Creative Energy to discover and nurture your Authentic Self.

Create to Connect is a Creative Inner Journey of self-exploration, self-expression, and transformation through artistic tools.

It will be a journey inside us to process who we are in this particular moment of our life and becoming aware of all the aspects of ourselves. It will be a full weekend workshops, you could chose to participate at one, more or at the full weekend Journey.

Expressive Art is a safe and sacred space that allow us to fully explore and express our emotions, needs and wishes. Through the creative process, we can Connect with our Inner self, unlock our full potential and open the Heart for a Personal Re-birth. This can support us in moving forward in our lives, be more aware, use personal resources outside the workshop space, built authentic relationships.

Through this creative journey , we can connect (or re-connect?) not only with us but also with the the others , we can create interpersonal connections and discover our Inner self in the stories of the others and thanks to the process of the the others. The power of the creative energy of the Group is a wonderful gift to experience.
I will promote a safe and positive space that helps participants in the creative process and the self exploration. All workshops are based on holistic approach where the Body movimient and expression are the important key of self development and healing.

In each session I will guide you through different artistic exercises and task that combine Body, Creativity and Guided meditation/visualization, in particular they include Intuitive Painting, Expressive Movimient, Drama and Journaling. Every workshop always start with a Welcome Circle , followed by a Body activity (ex. breathing, gentle warm-up, expressive movement) linked by a deep and emotional work through other artistic tools. Guided meditation and visualization help us to be in touch with our Inner world and awake our intuition. Sharing Circle will be an intense end important moment that gently will lead us to the end the session.

Friday 3rd December

17.00-19.00 Welcome Circle and I AM ME workshop

Saturday 4th December

8.30h Breakfast
10.00-13 h CREATE TO CONNECT workshop
(Guided imagery -Expressive Moviment- Journaling)
15.30-18.00 h LIGHT AND SHADOW: HEALING MASKS workshop
(Drama, Moviment practices and Plastic Art (mask)

Sunday 5th December

8.30 Breakfast
10-13h INNER SELF AND INTUITIVE PAINTING. Shamanic journey. Workshop
(Shamanic Journey, Intuitive Painting and moviment practices)
(Medicine Dance, Guided Imagery, Painting)
End of program and greetings

Comfortable clothing is recommended

create to connect
Flavia Santillo therapist
Flavia Santillo, artist, holistic therapist and traveler. She graduated in Clinical psychology in Padua, she had a strong interest in creative therapies and she took a second masters in Drama Therapy near Milan. She didn’t follow the traditional path of psychologist and she started to travel around Europe. She lived in Madrid and then in Edinburgh where she deepened new techniques and practices such as Intuitive painting, Mindfulness, Zen writing, Expressive movement. She promote self-development and healing workshops and individual consulting through expressive arts. Recently she is deepening her interest in Energy therapies specially healing chakras practices, shamanic healing and feather stone energy healing.

Everyone can join this workshop, whatever your skills or age is. You do not need prior experience. 

It will be a full weekend workshops, you could chose to participate at one, more or at the full weekend Journey.

15 € /person one workshop (including participation at one of the workshops)

85€ / person full weekend (including accommodation in shared dorm, food and workshops)
115€ / person full weekend (including accommodation in private room, food and workshops)

Stay in Camino and help people on La Palma

help la palmaWe are aware of the difficulties that people are facing on La Palma right now, and we want to help. Since the eruption of The Cumbre Vieja volcano on 19 September more than 5000 people were evacuated on the island. The movements are still active and the lava is still flowing. Many people lost everything and families need to find a new way of existing. We are trying our best to find a way to help those who are in need so we start a program, that will run in the next few weeks.

If you book and stay with us until the 10th of November, half of your booking fee will go to the people in need on La Palma.

We are in contact with the Red Cross and will follow up on the donation we are offering for the people who have lost their homes. We kindly ask you to use “for La Palma” as a reference in your booking, and use whatsapp: +34633339903 or e-mail: for your reservation.

You can read some important information about the eruption on La Palma here.

Take care and hope to see you soon in Camino!

The Camino Crew
(photo credit: elpais)

Confidence and Balance – WORKSHOP

Confidence and Balance
– AcroYoga and Contact improvisation workshop with Tomás Wortner
19th – 20th March, 2021

Welcome to our micro retreat of develop Confidence and Balance at Camino Art House. We are inviting you to support your confidence and balance through movement while having fun and connect to other people, be in nature and enjoy a little escape from the city.

AcroYoga is a combination of wisdom and flexibility of yoga, power of acrobatics and gentleness of Thai massage. Practise of acroyoga is based on connection, trust and especially fun.
Contact improvisation is a partner dance practice in which points of physical contact provide the starting point for movement improvisation and exploration. The emphasis is on listening, leading, following, touching, falling, lifting, leaning, sliding, counter-balancing, and supporting the weight of another person.
Through these two powerful and joyful practices you will learn to develop your confidence, and balance yourself in your body, mind and spirit. It is a hard work, but you will experience the support of the group which will help your individual inner work toward your goals.

This is a unique event at Camino Art House, with a very special instructor from the Czech Republic. Tomás Wortner, performer, dancer, director and teacher, facilitator will be our guide and host for these days. His main focus is independent artistic projects in field of physical theatre. He graduated from Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno. He is also teaching psychical theater training at the Academy nowadays. Tomás is a yoga, acroyoga and contact impro lover and practitioner/teacher.
Tomas’s topics are self development courses. His main interests are working with emotion, open communication and community building through group dynamic. He is founder PlayFight (original self-development method using sharing circles and physical activity – PlayFight for non violent communication practical goals) which is one of his most fulfilling activity in the last 3 years. Nowadays he is also taking part in official 5 years of psychotherapeutic training.

Everyone can join this workshop, whatever your skills or age is. You do not need prior experience. Partner is not needed either. Just come, support, and be supported! Max number of our group is 9 person.

Friday 19th March
5pm – 7pm – workshop
8pm Dinner
After dinner: circle talking around camp fire

Saturday 20th March
8am Breakfast
10am – 1pm – workshop
1pm – Lunch
3pm – 6pm – workshop
End of program

We are kindly asking to support our work with contributing 55 € which includes the workshops, accommodation for one night and vegan food during the program.

The language of the program is English. More info and application: or +34633339903 (only whatsapp text)

Natural Building Workshop

sculptor creative campWelcome to our very first Natural Building Workshop at Camino Art House! If you are enjoying to be outdoor and you are connected to nature, this might be your place. We will learn about natural building materials, creative thinking for natural building, and practice different techniques.

We will have 3 full days to finish our small projects, including making natural art pieces from natural materials found on the site. This art making will inspire us for the larger work, and will give us a lot of ideas, and help us to get know the land where we will be based for these 3 full days.

At the same time we are hosting a sculptor creative camp in the Art House, so we might be involved in the process of the art making, or the sculptors will be involved in the building, or everyone will be involved in everything 🙂

At the end, you will be fulfilled with a lot of new knowledge, the satisfaction of building new things, and surly you will be recharged from working in nature and using natural elements.

We are going to have only a small group, so we can do more, and can organize ourselves easier.
febr 26 Friday
9am-2pm – introduction, walk on the land, introduction of natural materials, collecting materials for natural art making
4pm-7pm – learning techniques and natural art making
dinner time: planning the building for the next day
febr 27 Saturday
8am – yoga
10am-2pm – building
4pm-7pm – building
dinner time: camp fire
febr 28 Sunday
8am – yoga
10am – 2pm – building
4pm-7pm – finishing building, sharing experiences, evolution the projects

Contribution for the workshop:

including 2 nights at Camino Art House, all the food and the workshops 80€

Words and Actions – Writing, improvisation and acting workshop

Welcome to Words and Actions, a unique self-development workshop in literature and theater improvisation.

February 26-28, 2021

improvisationDuring the sessions, our experts will offer advice and guided activities to develop your writing and acting abilities. The weekend culminates with short performances and readings. The beautiful surroundings of San Mateo provide the perfect environment to get creative, spontaneous, and playful. You will improve your writing and your self-expression, which could help you focus better on your creative work. All meals and accommodation are included. Vegan options available.
Join us for these active and thoughtful two days to Camino Art House in Vega de San Mateo, and discover your words and actions!
Our writing instructor Philip Charter (UK), will teach us practical techniques for writing and literature-creation. Václav Wortner (CZE), improvisation teacher, will be responsible for acting and theatrical improvisation sessions, and Bea Baltavari (HU), will be guiding the meditation and Yoga sessions.
Philip Charter is a British writer and teacher who lives abroad. His work has been featured in over thirty publications and in 2021, he won the Loft Short Story competition. Foreign Voices, his debut short fiction collection, was released in 2018.
Václav Wortner discovered improvisation in 2012, and steered his life fully towards theatre in all its forms. He studied devising acting at Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, working on solo performances, clowning and acrobatics. He studied longform improv at iO Chicago. As one of Us boys who go out together and member of Bafni ensemble he performs regularly in the Czech Republic and at international improv festivals in Europe (Tallinn, Tampere – Finland, Amsterdam, Nancy – France). Václav has been leading improv workshops for actors and improv trainings for corporate clients in the last three years in the Czech Republic, Colombia, Hungary, France, Ukraine, Estonia and the USA.
Bea Baltavari has been teaching Hatha Yoga for 8 years. In 2021 she is becoming a Vipassana Meditation instructor as well. She prefers to lead small groups, and always brings attention on personal needs and communication while teaching. She founded Camino Art House in 2015.
The Program
26 Feb – Friday
5 pm – Check in, introductions
7 pm – Guided cave meditation
8 pm – Dinner. Stories around the campfire. Reading from Philip, and all the other participants.
27 Feb – Saturday
8 am – Yoga
9 am – Breakfast
10 am-12 am – Writing workshop – Idea generation and writing from prompts.
12 am-2 pm – Acting workshop – Improvisation in acting, how to get started
2 pm-3.30 pm – Lunch break
4 pm-6 pm – Acting workshop – Rehearsal for performances. Direction and tips.
6 pm-8 pm – Free time, self-study time
8 pm – Dinner
After dinner reading of work and discussion
28 Feb – Sunday
8 am – Yoga
9 am – Breakfast
10-12 am – Writing workshop – How to create great characters.. Complete a character questionnaire and conduct interviews.
12-2pm – Acting workshop – How to bring a character to life. Physical and verbal techniques.
2pm – 3.30pm – Lunch break
3:30 – 5:30pm – How to edit and improve your work? Individual feedback from tutors.
5.30 pm – Presenting the final show, evaluation, feedback.
7pm – End of program

OPEN CALL FOR SCULPTORS! – “Don’t find me, i am in love”

Welcome to Camino, welcome to Wonderland!

If you are a sculptor who is interested in applying nature into art, and happy to work outdoor, and you are an artist who loves to integrate his/her work into an outdoor environment, and are looking for a creative place and inspiration to work, we are looking for you, please keep reading!

valle del mirelesWe are very lucky in Camino Art House to own a very large Land around the house. Imagine a valley with wild plants, fruit trees, rocks and caves, falcon families are crossing the blue sky. Hundreds of birds are calling you to take a walk in the wild land. Here is a bench, there is a swing, and so many secret hideaway places. This is where you will place your work. We are inviting you to create in Camino Art House. We offer you accommodation, a little food, and large space to work. We are also happy to help you with materials. At the end of the creating period we organize an open air exhibition from your works, that will find their new home somewhere in the valley.
Contribution for the whole program (accommodation, food and helping with materials (after personal discussion) is 75 €, which has to be paid when application is accepted.
The creating period will be: 22nd Febr – 6th March

Exhibition opening: 7th March

Exhibition: 7th March – 7th April.

To apply please send your curriculum, motivation and portfolio to, more info on the same e-mail or +34633339903 (whatsapp too).
Hope to see many of you soon!

We are looking for GARDENERS and HOUSEKEEPERS

Dear Wannabe Helpers!

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for an opportunity to help out while discovering a new part of the world. This can be a nice option for you, because probably we are looking for you because we need your help.

Gardening, landscaping

Camino Art House has a huge land, and before the rain comes we would like to organize the land, clear up spaces, and make it more comfortable for usage. For this project we are looking for 4 hands, 5hours a day, 5days a week. This is a hard job, physical exercise so can be also good if you want to get into shape 🙂 You should be a strong man (not necessarily with 4 hands, 2 might be enough)  because you will need to dig, lift, and carry heavy things. We need 2 strong men for this project, which will be around 5-6 weeks starting anytime from now.

Cleaning, housekeeping

We are also looking for two persons who are able to keep the house and the area around the house (patio, small garden, rooftop) clean, I mean, really clean, like that clean when you “feel comfortable, and you can actually enjoy yourself” clean. We need you if you understand what does keeping clean mean, and you are sensitive for shapes, colours and moods indoor and outdoor. You don’t need to be an interior designer, but we really need someone who is actually able to make a bed nicely, so we could actually make a photo of the room and use it in a travel magazine. If you understand all these, probably you are the one who could help us out.

We offer a shared room as accommodation for you, and food that needs to be prepared by all the helpers. Our helpers also get the opportunity to sleep for free in other hostels on the island, so on your days off, you can have the chance to discover Gran Canaria. We have cats and a little baby dog, so in a small part of your tasks would be also to take care of them besides taking care of the house and the land.

This is a farm-type stay, so please consider that you will need to be outdoor many times, and the house gets dusty and full of spider nets very fast. To keep it clean it really requires a lot of attention.

We are looking for you ASAP, so please, if you like the idea to stay with us for at least 5-6 weeks, help out and enjoy the island at the same time, let us know and we give you more information.

Please contact on, or with WhatsApp message to +34 633339903

Hope to see you soon 🙂





We are happy to invite you to

Camino Art Hostel to create.

We are located in Vega de San Mateo (Gran Canaria, Spain) Our building is the first in the town (let’s say the edge of the town), and luckily we have an amazing valley just at our entrance.

This year as for a few years now, we are happy to host you in our off season period. You are very welcome to arrive from mid-March until mid-October any time for a 10-20 days creative holiday.

If you are an artist who is looking for a quiet place, or inspiration to make art, or one who needs time and tranquillity to finish a project, please consider to spend some time at our place.


We invite you to make art!



What you will get:

Accommodation for free for about 2-3 weeks in shared room. You have the opportunity to book one of our private room for half price (for the summer period the total fee for private room is 33€). These rooms fit for two person (double bed).

Access for basic food so you can prepare your meals. (Basic foods are: coffee, tea, drinking water, rice, couscous, pasta, onion, potato, lentils, tomato sauce, jam…)

Basic materials to create. (Like few types of paints, paper for drawing, painting, brushes, pencils, chalks, pastel, lots of natural pieces, like stones, shells, wood, etc…)

Space to create.

What you give:

Your talent to create art and Your inspiring vibes at our hostel.

One piece of your creation. (We will be happy if you can create as much as you can, we would keep only one piece… “piece” might mean not an object, we will discuss this in details when you apply)


Apply with cv, portfolio, motivation, project description to caminoarthostel at gmail. After accepting your application we will ask you to pay a 15€/person application fee via PayPal. We need this to secure your place at the hostel as we receive many requests for projects. We will discuss individually how we could work together. Depending on your project(s) you will need different space, tools, time so we need to see how it is possible to have the best options for all of us.


The Camino Artist Residency is available from 15th March until 15th October, each year.


At Camino Art Hostel – Vega de San Mateo, Gran Canaria, Spain

Please feel free to share this information with all of your artist friends and family members who might be interested to spend a few weeks on Gran Canaria and create.

New Exhibition – Travels and lines by Bea and Benjamin Baltavari

Travels and lines is a unique presentation of a family case. When passion for travel, for seeing the world and creative veins come together with excitement for maps in the family, it will bring something quite unique.

This exhibition shows a personal mapping of travels and journies of mother and child. The mapping of places they loved. Where they found joy. Where they got lost. Where they keep finding the excitement of getting know the unknown.

Bea, founder of Camino Art Hostel has been moving around on this wonderful planet for about 15 years. Benji, her son is 13 years old now, and didn’t have a choice but follow his crazy mother wherever she was blown by the wind. They both ended up with a special devotion to traveling, discovering and seeing the world. They have – of course – a bit different point of view, that you can see with your own eyes if you visit the exhibition.

We are happy to invite you to the Travels and lines exhibition opening party on Sunday, 27th January at 6pm.

We will have live music, good food and lovely people around.

The concert starts at 7pm.

If you want to get know the hostel and look around in the magical land please arrive a bit earlier.

Family and pet-friendly program.
We have cats and a lovely dog.
Smoking allowed only in the upper small garden (please collect your own cigarette butts, and take them with you when leaving – you can ask for a personal jar to collect your personal butts 🙂 ).

See you soon!
(bring warm clothes!)