New Exhibition – Travels and lines by Bea and Benjamin Baltavari

Travels and lines is a unique presentation of a family case. When passion for travel, for seeing the world and creative veins come together with excitement for maps in the family, it will bring something quite unique.

This exhibition shows a personal mapping of travels and journies of mother and child. The mapping of places they loved. Where they found joy. Where they got lost. Where they keep finding the excitement of getting know the unknown.

Bea, founder of Camino Art Hostel has been moving around on this wonderful planet for about 15 years. Benji, her son is 13 years old now, and didn’t have a choice but follow his crazy mother wherever she was blown by the wind. They both ended up with a special devotion to traveling, discovering and seeing the world. They have – of course – a bit different point of view, that you can see with your own eyes if you visit the exhibition.

We are happy to invite you to the Travels and lines exhibition opening party on Sunday, 27th January at 6pm.

We will have live music, good food and lovely people around.

The concert starts at 7pm.

If you want to get know the hostel and look around in the magical land please arrive a bit earlier.

Family and pet-friendly program.
We have cats and a lovely dog.
Smoking allowed only in the upper small garden (please collect your own cigarette butts, and take them with you when leaving – you can ask for a personal jar to collect your personal butts 🙂 ).

See you soon!
(bring warm clothes!)