It is difficult to say from where this story starts. Probably from the first thought of an art farm in Catalonia, sometimes in about 2010. There were the masia-s. These massive, multi-functional buildings were somehow separated from the society, and had their own, fairy world. Not only in the building itself, but outside on the farm, land, forest. Bea (founder of Camino Art) was living in Barcelona that time, and had a dream to find an empty masia, put life in it and fill it up with artists and creative energies. Good food and happy vibes would have been served every day, which would have inspired the art-making.

Like many of the dreams, this one had also a big gap in the coming true. The financial side. How can one manage to open up an art-making, inspiring place with no financial background at all. Trusting in local/governmental support or direct supports from fans, or include investors, or fundraising seemed ways that were difficult to follow.

In 2012, with many different and adventurous episodes accompanied Bea arrived to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, de capital of Gran Canaria, the main island of the Canary Islands. She started to work in a hostel. She became the manager. She became a good manager, and eventually started to have her own ideas about the hostel which was not yet her own project. Her boss asked her to move to Mexico and manage another hostel on Cozumel island. This hostel was a bit (one hour ferry ride) away from the mainstream tourist path in the Yucatan, and was a scuba diving hostel, which attracted very different travelers. Different in a more alternative way. A bit of more interesting way. A bit of more familiar way. Familiar, at least to her. Bea felt very comfortable in this little paradise filled with these strange, kind and funny people. She understood that she wanted to open her own hostel and fill it up with her kind of people. The idea of Camino Art Hostel was born. Bea returned to Gran Canaria in 2015 August, and in November the hostel opened its door for guests. It had a garden, it had cave rooms, it had a funny, gypsy, arty and happy atmosphere. Since than so many things arrived to this little project that would be hard to list. Exhibitions, art fairs, workshops, yoga, amazing volunteers, clear quiet nights full with stars, full moon walks to the top of the hill, a dog, cats, kittens, friendly rats, concerts, campfires, new and new motivations. Guests started to return because they like the place so much.

In 2017 Camino Art Hostel moved from Galdar area to Vega de San Mateo, into an idyllic green valley. The hostel is much more than accommodation. It is a nest of nature and art lovers, hikers and seekers, travelers and those who are on spiritual journey. Home of many different projects, like Clean Island, Artist Residency, Yo’Camino, Cactus and Plates, and many more. Camino Art Hostel can be also your muse, a way that you follow, because you feel an inner call. Camino – is your path.