We are looking for GARDENERS and HOUSEKEEPERS

Dear Wannabe Helpers!

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for an opportunity to help out while discovering a new part of the world. This can be a nice option for you, because probably we are looking for you because we need your help.

Gardening, landscaping

Camino Art House has a huge land, and before the rain comes we would like to organize the land, clear up spaces, and make it more comfortable for usage. For this project we are looking for 4 hands, 5hours a day, 5days a week. This is a hard job, physical exercise so can be also good if you want to get into shape 🙂 You should be a strong man (not necessarily with 4 hands, 2 might be enough)  because you will need to dig, lift, and carry heavy things. We need 2 strong men for this project, which will be around 5-6 weeks starting anytime from now.

Cleaning, housekeeping

We are also looking for two persons who are able to keep the house and the area around the house (patio, small garden, rooftop) clean, I mean, really clean, like that clean when you “feel comfortable, and you can actually enjoy yourself” clean. We need you if you understand what does keeping clean mean, and you are sensitive for shapes, colours and moods indoor and outdoor. You don’t need to be an interior designer, but we really need someone who is actually able to make a bed nicely, so we could actually make a photo of the room and use it in a travel magazine. If you understand all these, probably you are the one who could help us out.

We offer a shared room as accommodation for you, and food that needs to be prepared by all the helpers. Our helpers also get the opportunity to sleep for free in other hostels on the island, so on your days off, you can have the chance to discover Gran Canaria. We have cats and a little baby dog, so in a small part of your tasks would be also to take care of them besides taking care of the house and the land.

This is a farm-type stay, so please consider that you will need to be outdoor many times, and the house gets dusty and full of spider nets very fast. To keep it clean it really requires a lot of attention.

We are looking for you ASAP, so please, if you like the idea to stay with us for at least 5-6 weeks, help out and enjoy the island at the same time, let us know and we give you more information.

Please contact on bea@caminoart.org, or with WhatsApp message to +34 633339903

Hope to see you soon 🙂





We are happy to invite you to

Camino Art Hostel to create.

We are located in Vega de San Mateo (Gran Canaria, Spain) Our building is the first in the town (let’s say the edge of the town), and luckily we have an amazing valley just at our entrance.

This year as for a few years now, we are happy to host you in our off season period. You are very welcome to arrive from mid-March until mid-October any time for a 10-20 days creative holiday.

If you are an artist who is looking for a quiet place, or inspiration to make art, or one who needs time and tranquillity to finish a project, please consider to spend some time at our place.


We invite you to make art!



What you will get:

Accommodation for free for about 2-3 weeks in shared room. You have the opportunity to book one of our private room for half price (for the summer period the total fee for private room is 33€). These rooms fit for two person (double bed).

Access for basic food so you can prepare your meals. (Basic foods are: coffee, tea, drinking water, rice, couscous, pasta, onion, potato, lentils, tomato sauce, jam…)

Basic materials to create. (Like few types of paints, paper for drawing, painting, brushes, pencils, chalks, pastel, lots of natural pieces, like stones, shells, wood, etc…)

Space to create.

What you give:

Your talent to create art and Your inspiring vibes at our hostel.

One piece of your creation. (We will be happy if you can create as much as you can, we would keep only one piece… “piece” might mean not an object, we will discuss this in details when you apply)


Apply with cv, portfolio, motivation, project description to caminoarthostel at gmail. After accepting your application we will ask you to pay a 15€/person application fee via PayPal. We need this to secure your place at the hostel as we receive many requests for projects. We will discuss individually how we could work together. Depending on your project(s) you will need different space, tools, time so we need to see how it is possible to have the best options for all of us.


The Camino Artist Residency is available from 15th March until 15th October, each year.


At Camino Art Hostel – Vega de San Mateo, Gran Canaria, Spain

Please feel free to share this information with all of your artist friends and family members who might be interested to spend a few weeks on Gran Canaria and create.

New Exhibition – Travels and lines by Bea and Benjamin Baltavari

Travels and lines is a unique presentation of a family case. When passion for travel, for seeing the world and creative veins come together with excitement for maps in the family, it will bring something quite unique.

This exhibition shows a personal mapping of travels and journies of mother and child. The mapping of places they loved. Where they found joy. Where they got lost. Where they keep finding the excitement of getting know the unknown.

Bea, founder of Camino Art Hostel has been moving around on this wonderful planet for about 15 years. Benji, her son is 13 years old now, and didn’t have a choice but follow his crazy mother wherever she was blown by the wind. They both ended up with a special devotion to traveling, discovering and seeing the world. They have – of course – a bit different point of view, that you can see with your own eyes if you visit the exhibition.

We are happy to invite you to the Travels and lines exhibition opening party on Sunday, 27th January at 6pm.

We will have live music, good food and lovely people around.

The concert starts at 7pm.

If you want to get know the hostel and look around in the magical land please arrive a bit earlier.

Family and pet-friendly program.
We have cats and a lovely dog.
Smoking allowed only in the upper small garden (please collect your own cigarette butts, and take them with you when leaving – you can ask for a personal jar to collect your personal butts 🙂 ).

See you soon!
(bring warm clothes!)


We have been working with volunteers for more than two years now. We have our own special way to do it, and the main thing is cooperation, communication and happiness. How do i mean? We always make a plan for tasks and working hours together. We talk about it. We talk about the tasks even during the process. And we are all doing our best, if all of us are happy meanwhile the whole thing. We are an art hostel, so you can express yourself and learn a lot at the same time. We are also an off the road hostel, which means that our guests are mainly the cool guys who you actually want to meet during your travel experience. We are off the road because we are not on the beach, and we are not in the city. So you will have plenty of time to enjoy yourself in the nature. Hanging up laundry while watching the mountains, listening to the birds.

If you like all these, please be our volunteer!

we are based in San Mateo, in the heart of Gran Canaria, only 12 kms from the highest peak, called Pico de Las Nieves.

So, go on for the details:

1.Why this whole volunteering thing is good for you?

Because you can have a special experience living right in the nature, far from the cities. Because you can develop new skills and practice the ones you already have. Because you can learn about hostel industry. Because you will meet very cool people and you well have amazing conversations. Because you can have your morning coffee with an incredible view behind the tables :). Because you can enjoy yourself, learn new things and help out at the same time.

2. Where is the hostel located?

We are located in Vega de San Mateo, about 1,5km from the center of this little, lovely town. The hostel is by the road GC-15, and facing to the magical Valley of Mireles. We have a small garden and a bigger land with caves and old eucalipt trees.

For proper description about how to get here please read this site:

How can I get to Camino Art Hostel, San Mateo?

3. Where does the volunteers sleep?

At the moment we don’t have a separated room for the volunteers, so they will stay in a dorm bed in an 8 bed dorm. The bathroom is also shared with the other guests. You will have lockers to have your personal things in a safe place.

4. How does the schedule look like?

We are expecting you to stay with us for at least four weeks.

We agree together about timing. We can do shifts: morning (8am-3pm) and afternoon (3pm-10pm) shifts. Or we can just arrange days of being busy at the hostel, and days when you can be totally free. Sometimes guests arrive later but doesn’t happen often, also sometimes they want to have breakfast around 8am, so you need to start bit earlier. Cleaning is in the morning, starting from 9am, it takes maybe 3-4 hours to clean all the rooms and the garden area, do the laundry, etc…

Volunteers always have at least two days off (often more) so there is a chance to go and see other parts of the island. We do the schedule together for the following weeks, so all of our working hour requests can be planned together.

5. What kind of tasks are need to be done by the volunteers?

– cleaning

– checking in and out, payments part as well

– be around the guests, talk to them and find out their needs

– organize activities and in general be involved in the daily life of the hostel

– gardening (basic or advanced :))

– doing laundry

– cooking, or make breakfast (basic or advanced :))

– fixing (basic or advanced :))

– being creative (basic or advanced :))

– look after our pets (they are lovely so you will do this anyway 🙂 )

6. How many hours the volunteers work in a week?

More or less 25-35 hours a week (4-5 shifts a week)

7. How many volunteers will be in the hostel at one time?

1-3 volunteers at a time.

8. What do you get in return for your help?

Free accomodation, basic food (pasta, rice, onions, potato, coffee, tea, lentils, etc.. occasionally fruits, or other things..), amazing experience, opportunity for selfdevelopment, singing birds all day long 🙂

If you want to be a volunteer at our hostel, please write an e-mail to caminoarthostel(at)gmail(dot)com!


Kristóf Róna is originally a sound engineer from Hungary, who had been playing music and working in this era since many years. In the last few years he was mainly concentrating on travelling and on finding new ways and channels for expressing himself. “I’ve found painting a really interesting way to express emotions and thoughts so that’s what I am mainly experimenting with at the moment.” – says Kristóf, who participated in our art project a few weeks ago.


“I’ve met Bea in Las Palmas while working in a hostel and later I was lucky enough to got invitation to her magical hostel, called Camino Art Hostel, where she also has some cave rooms for the guests. Here I’ve spent 10 days in peace, creating – painting, drawing, spray painting and writing – that I really enjoyed as the hostel is based in the green canyons of north-west Gran Canaria. The vibes and the sounds of nature gave enough inspiration to be able to focus on my art and create as much as I could. She also let me ‘occupy’ one of the caves to hang (as a temporary exhibition for visitors) all my works I made previously and the ones I made with a friend of mine (Heidi Tanner). There was always something new to discover every day so it kept my excitement going to remain inspired by my surroundings. Bea is a great manager with passion for art that she supports as much as she can, not getting lost in everyday life’s problems but the very details that matter so she can go with the flow and acceptance. I wish you all the best Bea!”
Kristóf is currantly in Budapest, volunteering in summer festivals all around the country, and trying to figure out his next move into the world. Please check his work below!



“Camino Art Hostel is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I’ve ever been to. Knowing Beata, the owner, I can tell that this place is made with heart and soul and I think that everyone who is tired of busy life and things of that kind can take a break and go to this place. This place really brings you at peace and makes you feel in tune with yourself. This place inspired me to make my photography project ‘Dime’ about people all over the world and their stories that are worth sharing. I hope I can come back there one day and continue my project.”

Aliona Photography

Aliona Yarovich started to take pictures 5 years ago. She did different kinds of photos (events, weddings, children, individual portraits, fashion) and right now she is focused on portrait and family photography. She currently lives in St. Petersburg, Russia and travel quite often.
Aliona Photography
Please visit Aliona’s site on https://www.facebook.com/alionayarovich/ and take a look at her work.