Design Workshop at Camino Art House

Design, creativity, fashion, self-expression, idea boosting, up-cycling —- if these words are calling you, this is your program!
Welcome to our very first designer workshop at Camino Art House. We are so lucky to host Laura at our little art house. She will guide you through all the cloths making steps from the beginning till the end, at least for those chosen pieces that will be part of the workshop: skirts, tops, bags.
By participating on the workshop you will learn from the beginning: how to use the sewing machine with confidence and until learn how to start to design and actually make your own clothes, accessories or even patterns.
Lets see what else will be happening when you are not focusing on sewing:
Designer line
– brainstorming about your own ideas and how to realize them
– talking about design, and how to clear the idea of designing clothes
– learning about sewing patterns: how to draw and individualize them to your own style
Leisure line
– eating: you will get breakfast, lunch and dinner – all vegan
– evening chilling: camp fire with music
– morning tea/coffee on the patio and listening to the birds
– walk in our magical land, discover the view points
– you can sleep in cave, if you wish
The program
Evening: arrival
20.00 – camp fire, discussing about what would you like to learn from the workshop, what your interest is, what do you expect, snacks
7.30am – coffee and tea on the patio, listening to the birds
8.00 – breakfast – oat and fruits
8.30 – 10.30 – workshop, the machine, materials, techniques, tricks
11.00-13.00 – workshop, introducing your own project
Lunch break – vegies, rice, humus
15.00-17.00 – workshop
17.00-21.00 – individual practice, working on your own project
Dinner/camp fire/music – vegie soup, bread
7.30am – Coffee and tea on the patio
8.00 – breakfast, oat and fruits
8.30-10.30 – working on your project
11.00 – 13.00 – working on your project
Lunch break – pasta
15.00-17.00 – finishing your project
17.00-19.00 – presenting your project, sharing experiences, conclusions
2 nights
6 meals
10 hours learning
8 hours interactive discussions
Evening programs
Amazing nature around
Good vibes
Contribution for the event is 80€/person
Meet Laura!
My name is Laura, I am from Germany. I used to work as requisite and designer in a theater of a hotel in Fuerteventura and a lot of own fashion for staging and events.
My education as a fashion designer and dressmaker allows me to teach you on every level. Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to deal with a sewing machine you will learn everything from the beginning. Or if you already know how to sew clothes? Great! Let’s move forward and develop yourself with more advanced skills!
Beginner course: Here you will learn basic things about sewing, how to use a sewing machine, what is important for sewing and tips and tricks to sew like a professional.
We are going to up-cycle a shirt/ sew a small bag together / you can bring your favorite cloth and we repair it together.
#2 Medium course: i teach you how personal measurement works. How sew on different kind of body proportions. We sew a shirt/ skirt/ dress togetherA . more difficult bag is also available.
#3 profi course:
We are concentrating on body measurement , how to draw and change a pattern. How you can realize every kind of fashion. From designing over the individual pattern, on direct body measurement .How you see mistakes in fit of different kind of clothes/ body forms and how to change it .
From normal fashion to extraordinary. I help you to realize your ideas.
# Also available for every kind of sewing level: a design and draw lesson. How to draw a proportional body, to work with shadows and draw like a designer.
For more info please contact us!