Summer of ’22 – How to stay with us this summer?

How to stay with us in the Summer of 2022?

From middle of April, we are happy to welcome you for longer stays. You can choose between three options:

1. “I want to stay longer because I love Camino”
2. Artist Residency – The Muse is Calling ‘22
3. Volunteering

Please read on for further information!

1. “I want to stay longer because I love Camino”

Our experience is that some of our lovely guests fall in love with Camino and keep extending their stay. In the summer time there is the option to rent one of our private rooms or cave rooms for minimum of 1 maximum of 3 months. You can choose from Double Nook, Family Green or Birds’ Nest room, and Soul and Family Cave. There is also possibility to stay in the dorm for longer stay, but probably there will be other travelers, even though is the low season. For the longer stay in the summer months we offer half price of the regular.

2. The Muse is Calling ‘22 – Artist Residency at Camino Art House

For many years we are inviting artists to create and work on their projects in the summer. This is a perfect time to bring your focus on your art work, the house is more tranquil, the weather is hot, and we have the new spa in the land (two showers with spectacular views 🙂 ). You can enjoy the hidden nooks of the land, the shade of the fruit trees and the caves. If you want you can join to the others for a while, but you can be totally alone as well if you wish. To know more about the Artist Residency please read on here: The Muse is Calling ’22.

3. I want to be a volunteer

We have been working with volunteers for 6 years now, and it has always been a beautiful adventure, and amazing friendships were born. We offer shared accommodation, food, and unique environment with lovely vibe for our helpers. If you want to know more about volunteering with us, please read on.

We hope you find the best way for you to stay with us this summer, we will be very happy to be here for you any time you choose to come.

See you soon

Bea and the Camino Crew