In Camino Art House you will find good vibes to look after well of your body, mind and spirit. We follow different ways of connections to humanity and nature. We follow the way of yoga, we appreciate nature, and we share knowledge and experiences by education. Please follow our programs in the Happynings section.


Yoga is like breathing. A basic element of existence.

Everyone is practicing yoga. Only sometimes, some of them are not aware of it. Others are more conscious about their yoga.

We are all connected to yoga. We are all breathing, controlling our mind, controlling our body. We are all balancing, taking actions then relaxing. We all use energy for living. Just like we all give energy back to nature and our environment as a reward.

Life is a constant flow of exchange. Yoga is a beautiful tunnel of this never-ending flow. Finding your own yoga flow will give you peace in this life-turbulence.


We are lucky to look after a beautiful land around the house. We have large space with small little nooks where you can spend hours and listen to the birds. Unique local plants, edible spices and colorful flowers are growing in the valley. We have 8 caves and many path to discover the whole area. Please read more in the Earth section. About activities connected to nature follow up in the Happyning section.


We believe in education. Education is they key for a better world, and actually for our suviving on Earth. We have to pay great attention on educate ourselves, others and the new generations. We need to re-learn our world. We have to realize that many things we thought were beneficial for us, actually killing us. We need to re-invent the food industry, the energy industry, the school systems. We need to re-think the society systems, the communication in general and the structure of families and human relations. So many things are waiting for understanding, and we need to look carefully what is happening around us, in the world, on the planet as a whole. We need to pay more attention on understanding the connections between different fields, like how the education effect our personal well being, or how the pollution of the environment connect to our daily decisions. How tourism changes the economy and so on and on…
We are trying to do our little roll in education and show an example of alternative choices in daily life. We also try to offer a wide range of activities and workshops that help our visitors develop in certain field.
Please read on in the What we do section and have a look at the Happyning section as well.