Welcome to Camino Art!

Please look around at our website, read our blog and have a look at our projects. Feel free to contact us any time when you have comments or questions regarding to any of our activities.

Camino Art is one of the project of “Camino del Dragón”, which is a non profit organization. We try to motivate and inspire others to create: art, harmony and a better world.

Please read about our goals:

1. Promote the importance of art in human society through support and educational projects.

2. Promote the importance of environmental protection through educational projects, travel and exchange.

3. Promote the importance of self-care and self-development through educational projects and practices.

4. Promote the importance of connection and development of community groups through educational, social and cultural projects.

5. Promote the importance of education at all ages by organizing social, educational, cultural and ecological events, workshops and offering courses.

6. Promote the importance of creativity and motivation in art and education.

7. Promote the importance of cooperation and international exchange programs in cultural, artistic, environmental, ecological and educational projects.

8. Promote the importance of inspiration and motivation in art and education at all ages.

How we are willing to achieve all these?

For the fulfillment of its purposes, the Association will carry out the following activities:

1. Organization of workshops

2. Organization of courses

3. Organization of meetings

4. Conference organization

5. Organization of camps

6. Organization of excursions, trips, discoveries