Campsite Retreat – Happiness is just a breath away!

Are you looking for a meaningful program for the Easter holiday? Don’t look any further! You are in exactly the right place…!


We are too much in love with the eternal here and now to force us and you into a fixed timeframe. Yet we can guarantee that our hourly schedule will be filled with a mix or blend of the following elements – according to the needs of the participants and the air of the day and the surrounding. All sessions take place either in our Workshop Cave or in the garden and on the land.

Our daily schedule could look like this:

When & where

28.3. Thursday
19.00h – 21.00h Get together bonfire place or roof terrace
29.3. Friday
09.30h – 13.00h (with a short break in between) and 15.30h – 18.30h
30.3. Saturday
09.30h – 13.00h (with a short break in between) and 15.30h – 18.30h
plus evening session
31.3. Sunday
09.30h – 13.00h (with a short break in between) and 15.30h – 18.30h
01.4. Monday
09.00h – 11.00h Get together rooftop or the main workshop places
Eventual evening sessions after dinner according to the needs of the group in
Dragon Cave or at the rooftop.

What & how

Bodywork – every day we start with a specially designed set of bodywork on the roof terrace, the garden or the cave. This set is specially designed to get you out of your head and into your senses and contains elements of neo-reichian Bioenergetics, ARICA, Yoga, Trager-Bodywork, classical ballet, mixed martial arts and modern dance theatre routines.

Brainwork – everyday we investigate in one way or the other your mental concepts like your expectations and hope- profile, anxiety-profile, inherited scripts, self-sabotage routines, distraction/escapism/avoidance tricks as well as the various ways of your self-motivation profile.

Breathwork – the blessings of Krya-Yoga and Kundalini-Yoga laid the groundwork for modern ways of working with the breath. We use controlled heavy breathing to flood the organism daily. We use Pranayama Breathing to win back control over your breath as well as moderate screaming and shouting to free the full range of your voice and general expressiveness.

Artwork – Some spots of the soul can hardly be reached by language or work with the body, but very good by uncontrolled creative expressiveness. We use the breathtaking surrounding nature for various land art methods like arranging elements, scratching techniques, natural colouring and combining misfits.

Integration – As we think that your experiences should show lasting effects and real change of behaviour, every set of experiential and expressive methods will be followed by acts of reflection. Creative writing, talking, storytelling and meaningful
sharing in the group. Words in one or the other way, as words still are the best way of mental conservation. We will also use enhanced wording techniques like neuro-nudging – hourly repeated customised wordings with eye/ear contact as well as “useful prayers” combinations of customised questions and wishes to be repeatedly said or sung.

You are in exactly the right place


are ready to take a trip through your dark side TO BLOOM IN YOUR BRIGHTER SIDE.
are emotionally stable and resilient to go through your process on your own
are open-minded for very basic accommodation to GET CLOSER TO NATURE AND REALITY.

How to book or ask questions:

For booking and more info please contact Romy:
when you booked your spot with her please contact to Bea to book your accommodation (camino art) on whatsapp: +34633339903 (only text, no calls please) or


Workshop: 350€
Accommodation: 50-180€
The workshop language is English. You can also contact Romy in German.

Your Team

Gerhard Hecht Dipl. Psych.

Gerd loves to be surprised, is curious on a permanent basis and fascinated by the intersection of consciousness and body. The source of human life! A fascinating space! And that is exactly all he wants to create in many ways together with you and Romy – space to move, to breathe, to laugh and to love! Because that`s all you need!
Get to know Gerhard better on:

Romy Gastell

Romy loves liveliness, sensuality and how energy and body merge pleasurefully with each other in the true and magical essence of love and life itself. She is passionate about helping people to free their souls on all levels of being and unfolding their fullness in human life.
Get to know Romy better on:


We bring all our expertise together to make life purer, more joyful and richer. What we both love is to awaken the desire to live – pleasurefully!

Alapastel+Kikon: improvised ambient all-night set 28th January – Sleepover concert in Camino

Injoy an overnight event in Camino on the 28th January, in one of our cozy caves and share your experiences during breakfast.
We are happy to host Alapatel and Kikon in Camino, this sleepover concert is going to be a very unique experience. Hope to see you there.


Alapastel is a Slovak electronic composer. He creates contemplative soundscapes on the border of ambient, neoclassical and experimental electronic music. He is interested in finding originality in the values that can be shared through music. He is fascinated by the creation of soundspaces which can take us into the depth of our being, where we can discover the unexpected.
Waves of gentle ambient electronica intertwine with live loops, effects and vocals from Kikon from the slovak female vocal group Neha!

Kikon dedicates her work to uncovering the different layers that exist in both sound and consciousness.
She experiments with a sensitivity for the different worlds that one can connect to via the voice.
She uses her voice as a tool for self-exploration and the most sincere instrument of self-expression.
She considers music a hidden language that we all understand on an intuitive level and that transcends the limits of the spoken.


We are two out of a group of friends who share the passion for ambient music. A few years ago we got excited about the concept of sleepover concerts. We are fascinated to explore the conjunction of music with sleep. Sleepover concerts are a heart project for us.
They include elements of intuitive and improvised playing, where the unknown is given space to emerge. The sleeping audience is receptive indeed. It listens, just in a different way.
Just as in sleep some centers have the opportunity to relax, we too can tune into these waves and weave a soundscape out of our collective dream field. A kind of nocturnal sound healing arises that seeps into our dreamworlds and massages our (sub)consciousness.

As the morning rays approach, the music fades and we rise into the morning, stretch and share our dreamy experiences over breakfast.

Sleepover concerts fascinate us because we can not only accompany the listeners through the night, but also through a meditative immersion in which we all can become music for a while. You can listen to Alapastel + Kikon here.

Short video

The program and prices

28 January, 2024

4pm – arrival, discovering the land, introduction
8pm – dinner (donation: 5€ extra apart from the entrance fee)
10pm – concert starts
7am – waking up
8am – breakfast (included in the entrance fee)
10am – event ends

We invite you to arrive earlier in the afternoon and discover the magical valley of Camino Art House. This way you will feel more comfortable in the cave where we organize the program. The entrance fee for the event is 10€, including the concert and the breakfast. You can have family dinner with us and other Camino people at 8pm for 5€ donation at 8pm before the concert. All food are vegan (sometimes vegetarian options). For the sleepover we provide soft surface (mattresses, yoga mats, carpets, blankets), blankets and pillows.

For booking and more info please text to Bea (only text! no calls please!) whatsapp +34633339903.

Focus on Voice and connect to your inner self

28th of May, Saturday
14.30 to 20.00
at CAMINO ART HOUSE, Vega de San Mateo
Contribution: 40€/person

Voice is the instrument of transformation. By connecting to our voice we connect to our core and we are able to manifest our deepest self. The body is the house where the voice lives. Trough a physical and resonance training we will work to release the tension in the throat to open up our voice. Our natural unique voice.

The workshop takes place at Camino Art House, where the caves and the special surrounding of the valley will give a perfect venue for the voice practices. The caves are unique spaces, they behave like silent rooms that gives an opportunity to work with the sound in a very authentic way.

The workshop is open to all the voice lovers, and you don’t have to be a professional singer. Dress in casual to be able to work in nature and lay on the ground. If you play an instrument please bring it for the after dinner jam session.

28th May

14.30 — Load in, arriving.
15.00 – 16.30 — Warming up, breathing exercise, physical training
16.30 – 17.00 — break
17.00 – 20.00 — Focus on voice. Resonance training. Opening up the voice

20.00 — Dinner
21.00 — Cave Jam Session

After the workshop we are inviting you to stay for dinner and for the cave jam gathering. There is possibility to stay over in the Camino. Dinner and accommodation are not included in the price, they are extra 5€ for dinner and 10€/person for staying over.

The maximum number of participants is 15 people, so please reserve your place before the group fills up.

To book please contact to Bea on whatsapp: +34633339903, or e-mail: